Spark plug socket - swivel with Torque Wrench

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi guys, Is it ok to use Torque Wrench with swivel head spark plug tool? I will try to keep it straight so reading should be close enough ? But I have two sparks, where I will have to have an angle... any idea of this affecting proper torque. Thank you
Read the data sheet for the plugs. They have a non-torque spec that works. Snug then anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 turn depending on engine model (Al heads) Once you compress the crush seal it remains slightly spring loaded. Just dot go overboard with the antisieze. A light coating is all you need. I put it on the threads then wipe it off with my fingers. Its only left IN the threads not gooped on top of them. Even this amount will get squeezed out due to the tight thread fitment. All its doing ins replacing what would be air with a grease so soot wont run up there and lock the two pieces together.
Why don't you do those two last so you have a feel for it? It should indeed be close enough.
Which engine in which car? Which 2 plugs? Throw us some meat! Also: I remember my Dad's 400-2V (Ford V-8 in a 1970 Mercury) had gasketless plugs. Those were 1/8 turn after contact. One eighth turn boys and girls.
That should be fine for use with a toruque wrench, but like others have said, depending on the way the plug seats in the head, its between 1/4-3/4 turn. If theres a crush washer I usually go half turn after the washer touches the head.
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