Sold an old junk pickup truck

Oct 10, 2021
Got rid of an eyesore sitting beside my house this AM. 1997 Nissan pickup that was a rust bucket. Last time running was a year ago, giving Granddaughter a shot at driving a stick shift. Rusted brake line puked out the brake fluid. I drove it back home only using the hand brake. It was only used for taking a little plastic fishing boat to my spot, now and then. Just wanted it gone before the snow!

Has not been started in a year. Battery was crap after sitting the winter and dead. Rusted out muffler and a flat tire. Had an aluminum topper on the truck.

Saw a local Facebook post from a guy buying junk vehicles. Called him this AM and described the truck. He said $450 and I can be there in 20 minutes. SOLD!

Might could have done better, but really don't care. Biggest pain was running to the safe deposit box down at the bank, to pickup the title while he loaded it up!;)

I'm no metal scrapper and have no idea on the $ they get, nor do I care. I was happy with the deal. He hauled it off, so he must have been good with it as well. Hope he makes some $ for his time and effort. Seemed like a really nice guy!(y)
I know the feeling, owned a 91 full size Bronco for 22 years. The last few years I stopped repairing things because I just didn't care about it, when I sold it it was nothing but a bucket of rust. The guy that bought it wanted the tranny and transfer case since it only had 128k, gave me $1000 for it, I couldn't stop smiling watching it drive away holding a fist full of hundreds.
I expect my old retired neighbor ladies, will be soon bringing over some freshly baked cookies.

Not having to look at the rust bucket every day!;)
I have tried giving cars away, and most often a big hassle even giving them away.

As DD stated, maybe if you spent a few more days/weeks/months and a lot of labor pushing the truck onto the buyer's tow dolly...... you might have pocketed a few more dollars. Smart move the way you sold that truck!
So did it start?

I bet the brakes got fixed and it's back on the road. There isn't much on the bottom of the market.

But your price & aggravation matrix worked out well.
So did it start?

I bet the brakes got fixed and it's back on the road. There isn't much on the bottom of the market.

But your price & aggravation matrix worked out well.
No doubt it would start and run fine with a new battery!:)

As a fishing truck/backup up vehicle, I always ran no alcohol top tier gas and fuel stabilizer. Nothing but finest fuel for the rust bucket.;)

As a side note, looked out the door today and made sure it was still gone.(y)

Engine, trans and diff all worked fine. Plenty of fluid changes on all. Nissans of those days were rust buckets. Iowa salt and brine did not help matters.
Our neighbor here in Ames finally let go of her husbands late 90’s F150 that sat there for 15 years, rarely being driven. She couldn’t part with it, which was a shame since it was in decent shape when I moved here 5 years ago, but was getting rusty over the past couple of years. Her husbands brother picked it up for his son, who will soon get his license. That’s a cool story.

It had a flat about 3 years ago, so I tossed the spare on for her so we didn‘t have that bonus problem to look at. The tie rods were all shot and I told her the truck needed a bunch of work to be drivable. I offered, but it wasn’t accepted.

I actually miss seeing it. My wife celebrated it going away
I use coraseal. H2O based converter, no primer over it needed. Can B used if wanted tho.

Here they Don't pay (usually). Not only that, often it costs You for them to hual it away.
When the $200-to-me tows come (a short period every 2 yrs of so) I send out 3 or 4 (IF
the title's here). No one (even if I deliver) takes w/o a title.
I go pheasant hunting "out in the country" and I cannot believe how many old farm places have old cars and trucks just sitting around rusting. They don't even line them up in roads. Some are scattered aimlessly around 20 acre sites with weeds growing all over the place. I could never figure out why they don't just sell them to make the property look better. I have to believe it's almost a mental imbalance. I drove by a place the other day and I think he had 30 suburban's and chevrolet trucks of the 70's era sitting around rusting and most of them looked complete. A fifty year old truck cannot be worth much sitting outside. Maybe a Corvette but not a Chevrolet pickup or suburban.