So, Now I'm On My 4th Tacoma

That's another reason why I jumped on this super low mile example! Although I wouldn't be mad at all if they went to a turbo 4! These trucks need some more down low power like the old 4.0 had.
Saving the Manuals! Although there are fewer and fewer to save these days. I’m still hanging on to my 1991 Toyota Previa stock manual transmission. I’ve never found an automatic that shifts exactly how’d I like it, so manual it is. Live long and prosper, manual transmissions!
Super long! :ROFLMAO:

I was used to the shorter throws my GTI and Talon had. It's no race truck that's for sure! Definitely something to get used to.
Maybe that's what used to aggravate me so much about the 5-speed in my old S-10 pickup. Long, slow and tedious.