Smart car driver arrested after leading police on pursuit along I-10 in Phoenix

We had a very slow car chase go past our place some years ago - Sirens and lights, I counted 13 Cop cars, Armed Offenders Squad hanging out the side of their vehicles with guns out, and all just going down the road at the 50kph speed limit. Some guy was being chased, abandoned his car at a mall parking lot, and then highjacked a Toyota Estima, driven by an Asian man. Worst driver he could've picked, they don't do the speed limit let alone exceed it - so they are driving around city streets, him screaming at the guy to go faster while shooting at the cops out the back window. Finally they got on the motorway where they could get some speed going, and the driver crashed before he even got to the 100kph speed limit.
The title of the posting is wrong . It should read " Dumb car driver" . Referring to the driver , not the car.
Fasterproms Honda K turbo-swapped a smart car that they call “Katertot” and makes 573hp to the wheels. It is absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds and I want it. That might be able to run from the cops assuming you can keep the front wheels on the ground :ROFLMAO: