Skip changing the oil filter after one short OCI?

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Oct 28, 2008
Okay so long story short, I just changed my oil and due to my slight case of OCD with my car -- I am changing my oil again with only about 1000-1200 mile on the change. I have a K&N filter right now and my normal oil changes are every 6 months which is usually around 4k for me. Am I ok with leaving the filter until the next real oil change? The engine is an LS1 if that matters to anyone.
Whats the mileage on the car and why the OCD? If the oil you are using is rated SM it is good for at least 4,000 miles. No problem with leaving that "old" filter on there, that K&N could probably do 3 5-7,000 mile OCI's on a clean engine before it was ready to go. I believe Honda reccommends a filter change every other oil change on some of their vehicles. The argument is that as the larger holes in the filter fill up it catches slightly smaller particles. The other argument is that if the filter is filling up there is a fine line between a more efficent filter and a filter in bypass at a low temp. Lots of threads on that if you click back a few pages.
SuperDave, Yea I have read on some old pages about the K&N filters. I always used them since I heard good things and they are easy to take off. :) Anyway, only reason is I planned on switching from GC 0w-30 oil to Pennzoil Platinum. After the oil change I noticed the GC oil was really dark and dirty looking -- much more so than other changes I've had. I am just trying to do a quick run to maybe clean things out before my UOA with PP. Car has 42k on it.
Remember that color doesnt have that much to do with oil being dirty or used up. Some oils turn dark within a few miles and some take a while longer.
GC may have been doing some cleaning of the engine as well. I'm currently on year 3 with my Amsoil EAO oil filter on my LS1.
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Its no problem - K&N filters are a very solid filter, they will easily do a couple of short changes.
No problem at all. This filter can probably easily do 15k mile FCI's. At this rate you can easily use it 3 more times.
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