Should I start the engine after Oil change before winter storage?

Feb 4, 2020
I can try this, how do you squirt oil , how much using what?
With vertical cylinders: You can use a teaspoon or two of motor oil. Then crank it over a few times to spread the oil around. Then reinstall the plug.
With horizontal or tilted cylinders: Get a foamy or fogging spray made for storing engines. Spray around inside to coat all the cylinder walls, then crank it and reinstall the plug.

I've found that if the engine is stored inside a wood-framed shed or garage, this isn't really necessary. The wood frame tends to keep the moisture at bay over the winter.
Items stored inside a metal or brick/cinder block shed or garage, or with a dirt floor, will have condensation and rust all over anything/everything metal. This is when preventative measures are absolutely necessary.
May 17, 2009
N.H, U.S.A.
OMG , it's just a mower engine . Change the oil , and the filter ( Or not ) and crank it up to check for leaks . Then sleep well .
I understand the frustration :)
But, It would be a major expense to replace this engine. This isn't a $179 dollar briggs push mower. What it is, is an engine that will be out for service for over a season. Just some simple maint to help it through storage.
May be fine and have a long service life without the extra flourishes, But If and engine isn't going to be used for months, I prefer the iron liners to be wetted with oil for me to sleep well over winter - or spring summer and fall for that matter when one is dealing with a snow thrower or genset.

- Ken
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