Should I put 5w20 Motorcraft in my 02' sentra?

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Sep 3, 2004
Grove City, OH
I have some GF-3 SL, 5w20 motorcraft left over from a 01' crown vic my aunt gave to me when she went to assisted living. Sold the car, dident want it. My 02' nissan sentra specv is out of warrenty. Will it hurt to use the oil in it?
only one way to find out: UOA

A lot of it depends on your driving profile. Lots of sity driving, limited warmup, oil never gets to temperature... It may not matter if your oil is a 5w-10 or a 5w-50.

AEHAas has done a lot of studies on oil pressure, etc when running 20 weight oils in engines designed and specced for other viscosities. Im not sure if I buy the results for an 'everyday' engine, as he experimented using some pretty specialized stuff, like ferraris. That said, at the end of the day, how much different could the engine design be as far as bearings, tolerances, oil pumps, etc. go?

Your car will live. Show your brass! Buck convention ..use it...note consumption, economy, etc. ...test it .........

...then let us know how you made out.
I have an '02 Sentra and I wouldn't put a 5W-20 in mine. I don't care what others put into theirs but I'm not in support of CAFE. Nissan doesn't call for a 20 weight in that car anyway.
Guys ..the 20 weight designation is like a border between two countries. It's a borderline 30 weight.

(not insult intended to either of the aftermentioned groups athough surely some nationalistic attitudes may apply

What's the difference between a Pol and a Slav?

About 5 miles.
Back in the good old 50's and 60's millions of cars ran 20W oil all the time, the engines were looser and the oil was not as good as today.

Fear not, run it in the winter if you are concerned. Remember, Mobil 1 5w30 is almost a 20W oil.
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