September is Suicide Awareness Month

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Aug 24, 2011
Tampa Bay
I'm not one to share "pass is on" posts, and this isn't one of them. This is from my heart, I've lost 3 brothers-in-arms this week to the "22"
I'm not gonna get political either. Right now is a tough time for this country with a certain illness going on still, and its a tough time for Afghanistan veterans like myself.
I've lost too many friends, brothers-in-arms, and family to suicide. Some of the happiest people in the world, you'd never think it would be an issue until you wake up and hear the news.

For Veterans*: to anonymously chat or text
Call: 1-800-273-8255 - Press 1

Also note: Every VA Hospital I have been to has always had Mental Health on call. You can walk in anytime usually and ask to speak to someone in person, you dont have to be enrolled in healthcare, you do not need to be rated for disability compensation either, they will take ALL vets.

*Please note: you DO NOT have to be suicidal to use this. If things are rough for you, debt/family/alcohol/drug/other issues on your mind please reach out. I've used them in the past to simply talk about war, PTSD, family arguments, etc. They're there to listen to you, help and guide you.

Another option for Veterans who have a distaste/distrust of the VA is the Cohen Veterans Network: which is a non-profit organization that offers counseling/therapy including family/marital. I have used them as well in the past for the above reasons.

For Civilians:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline**

Call: 1-800-273-8255

**There is a disaster hotline as well, I know it's hurricane season: 1-800-985-5990

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Again, this isn't a place for politics/arguments. This is information that could save one of our fellow BITOG Members or Lurkers lives. Thanks. If you would like to share other national/state resources for the topic, please go ahead and do so.

Nobody wants to die, they just want their suffering to end. Trust me, I would know.
Suffering boughts of severe depression, I know as well . Some times I think I should have got into drugs and alcohol when the moment of should I do drugs and alcohol or try to accomplish some thing of my life. I cope by looking at the little things in life .
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Hopefully those you contemplate suicide try to reach out for help. Nothing is perfect, but I know many people dealing with mental health issues think that is the only solution.

I'm glad there are support systems in place for those that need it.
I've lost 3 veterans/friends I personally knew, and one this week who I considered a best friend. I've tried to distract myself from the misery by spending a little time on this forum, but it's been a terrible time... I am grieving, and don't have words. I'm not suicidal so don't want anyone to mis-interpret. But we have a crisis and we can all reach out to loved ones and be more involved.
Understand where you are at CiC...

Had one of best friends take a overdose of his insulin over 9 years ago. It was absolutely stunning. Never ever thought he could or would do that.

I have been there too at times in my life. Never a good place to be when you feel like a burden to everyone around you and that it would be better if you were gone.
Was 5 when Hay grampa hang himself ( my moms uncle and aunt, adopted her after her parents died after the war).
I could not understand how that hard worked guy with Big hands could had that happen.
What shocked me as a 5 years old, was the discussion that on the way to the grave, he was not to pass through the church. Coming in a time of deep communism, for a guy that worked on keeping that as a building and community, was a shock.

Also, it really easy to take that turmoil inside you, hide it even if it eats you alive untill you can't.
Had it in my head many times how and in each way to go out.
What saved me was couple moments of pulling my own self out, seeing others in way deep doodoo and still happy and a really mad moment of I'm not going out like that.
But others where not so lucky.
I've been to that point myself. Ended up in the ER twice for mental breakdowns, and in the psych ward once so far. I'm following in my father's footsteps there. I had my instances happen at the same ages that he did. Thankfully, he and my mother know the signs and got me help, or maybe the better way to say it is they knew how to help me help myself if that makes sense. Both are still around, and they both have been through these experiences.
It's no joke, if you are having thought to hurt youself reach out and get help, you are no less a man or woman nor are you "weak". Conversely if you have a friend or loved one that is having issues reach out and help, no one wants to get the call and say to themselves I should have done... Stay with that person and make sure they get real help. You may save a life. No one is immure to life's pressures Don't Ignore it. I had a family member almost suceed 20 plus years ago, I'm glad I was home at the time or else the outcome would have been fatal. Learn how to recognize the signs and take action.
The freedom to chose?
I always got that. "It's my right!" "You can't hold me here!" "I signed in voluntarily, I can go AMA!"

But no. You cannot. You will not.

The premise being, when one is acutely psychotic, suicidal, or a threat to themselves or others, they lose the right to choose.
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