Seeking advice on canister filter thread diameter/pitch

Jan 21, 2022
Hey filter buffs,

I recently picked up a barrel-top parts washer at an estate sale and plan to upgrade it with a filter. Like the majority of folks who do this upgrade, I plan to use an automotive-style canister filter with a remote-mount kit. For the remote mount, I think I've settled on one made by Derale (made in USA). I have to make a choice between two different sizes of threaded nipple where the filter spins on/off; either 3/4'-16 TPI or 13/16"-16 TPI.

Is one size vastly more common than the other? Will one size severely restrict my array of filter options? I figure it makes sense to get a large "tallboy" filter so I can go as long as possible between filter changes. Are there plenty of large filter options for either thread size? Will one of the sizes lock me into more expensive filter options than the other size?

Recommendations on a specific filter are welcome too, but please include the thread size with your suggestion if you can. I'm thinking I can get away with going fairly cheap on the filter since I'm not trying to protect or lubricate anything. It's got a centrifugal pump. If you think a cheaper filter is a bad idea in this application, please let me know why.

Thanks everyone!


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Jul 22, 2010
Choose the most gigantic filters you're interested in, compare their thread sizes and go from there.
Feb 25, 2019
it'll filter enough just fine. I did away with the filter all together on my parts washer and its fine. Didn't even think of making an adapter for a filter relocator since there isn't much grit just dark thick grease and i keep it a bit overfilled so i just scrape the bottom once every couple years.

do you know the gasket id and od?

My money would be the ph5 as its the biggest $2.97 supertech st5 filter.