Screen Tearing on Linux Mint 17

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Feb 5, 2008
Atlanta, GA
My dad has an HP computer with Mint 17 x64 (E6300, 2GB RAM, Radeon HD 5450 that I just added). It was there even before I added the 5450, with just the Intel GMA 3000 graphics. Long story short, I cannot get rid of the severe screen tearing that seems to be common. It is evident in every video from Amazon Prime to Youtube... I have tried a few things, such as adding lines of code to the etc/environment file. No luck there. I tried switching to fglrx from xorg. I tried installing the newest driver right from AMDs website, ran the automated installer through the CLI...when it boots back up Cinnamon crashes and puts the desktop into "fallback mode" and the resolution gets stuck at 1024x768 so I had to uninstall it. Anyone have any ideas?
You should let Mint install the proprietary AMD driver for you.

You cannot switch from fglrx to xorg - xorg is the display server that fglrx runs atop. There is an open-source AMD driver (Radeon? I forget - I have Intel and NVIDIA cards at home) that ought to work.

The best solution for you by far is to check in at the Mint forums and describe this situation. They are extremely friendly there and will most likely guide you through the process of removing the whole shootin' match of drivers and clearing out your xorg.conf file (if one was generated); then letting Mint, on the next boot, detect and suggest/ install the appropriate drivers for your card.
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