Scored a great deal on Amazon, but feel guilty about it

No need to feel guilty, as you did nothing wrong and were honest. This is Amazon's policy, not yours.
I've had similar events with Amazon and Walmart, where shipped oil leaked. I took pictures as proof that I'm not scamming anyone, and these companies either issued refunds or replaced the product. Yes, most of the oil was salvageable, but still; I had to clean up a mess of oil, transfer the remaining contents, etc. spent time contacting the company, etc. so I look at any "profit" as payment for my hassles.

As for the lectures on morality, get real. First, on a degree scale this does not even register. There are wars, human suffering, slavery, rape, outright theft, blasphemy, murders, assaults, environmental destruction, animal cruelty, and so forth. Secondly, it's not even a moral issue as this is their policy: e.g. when someone gives you something it's not wrong to take it, and here Amazon is giving it to him. Third, even if it was somehow considered "theft" (which it's not), it would be the equivalent of stealing 1/10000th of a penny from the average person. If someone took a pebble of sand from your yard, or breathed a few molecules of your air, or drank a drop of water from your swimming pool, would you find that morally unjustified? Probably not, and you would not even notice.

Bezos is among the richest humans on earth, to ever live. He has built a company that arguably harms Americans by destroying American jobs, and humans around the globe by causing sweat shops to thrive, and the environment thru the stress of moving shipping containers across the world to deliver products. Think of all the small American companies Amazon put out of business, all the dreams ruined, the small towns gutted, etc. by Bezos. Bezos probably earns more daily interest on his investments than you or I earn through labor in 1 or even 5-10 years of work. Think about that, and then the few dollars at issue here.

Unions wanting to take on Amazon.

Eventually all of the hourly workers will be union.
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12 years ago Amazon replaced 12 Qts of Valvoline Syn High Mileage 10w-30 that should have been 5w-30.
They said to keep the wrong oil. My guess these days they would have you take it to Kohl's or the UPS Store and thrown in the return bin on a pallet.
Amazon has taken care of me so many times, whether the fault was theirs or mine. That's is why I'm a decade plus Prime member. Plus I buy so many $4-12 items that have no shipping fee, they are losing money on me.
It cost money for hazmat cleanup, they do not want to deal with the leaking oil. If you can use it great but if you cannot, toss them in the trash and save Amazon the hazmat trouble.
I had this happen with Amazon and a Champion Inverter Generator.
The first one had a minor issue so I called Champion and they wanted me to take it to the authorized service center, have them assess it, and THEN they would call me regarding what they would do/cover to fix it. Annoyed, I called Amazon and explained that I didn't have anyone to help lift it into my truck, additionally we were three weeks into the unknown with the pandemic and I wasn't hauling a brand new generator somewhere to be serviced. I insisted that they pick it up. Anyway, they said they would send me a new one and informed me I could do anything I wanted with the first one but they would take no responsibility for its disposal. I was totally stunned. "You know this cost $1250? RIGHT?! I don't want to see a $1250 charge on my credit card." Totally bizarre business practices. My guess is that the manufacturer eats the cost and this is part of their distribution terms of service.

My wife's response "Are you telling me we now own FOUR generators?"
Why I detest Amazon is the sheer waste. An investigative reporter purchased a number of brand new Items from Amazon in Canada. They then called to have the items returned. 5 of the 7 items which were brand new went to an industrial shredder and into a landfill. If I were the government Amazon would have been permanently shut down after the inexcusable waste, then the employees sent to prison.
I ordered 4 mobil 1 oil filters from walmart. I got a similar number but not mine. I have a bad knee and cant easily go into a store to return their mistake. I told them I will be happy to put them out for pickup. But I was told thats too costly so just keep them. They replaced my filters with the correct ones. I have received 4 emails asking for my return but I was told to ignore them.
I found the filters fit gm v6 and v8 engines and a friend found someone to use them. I hate waste of good stuff so I was happy someone used them.