Sand Bags For Traction - I Am All Set For Winter

I have Between 100 and 180 pounds in the trunk of the grand marquis depending on how much snow we get. It's not possible to put the weight over the axle in that car unless I put it in the small space above the gas tank. But it's all behind the axle and I haven't experienced any awkward handling.

The only situation that I thought might be dicey would be going up a steep hill and trying to turn - all the weight in the back would maybe unload the front enough to understeer but that's not the case.

The combination of a 150 horsepower v8, a lot of ballast, oversized tires and absurdly tall gearing make it impossible to break traction. And if it does happen to break traction on a slippery surface, it immediately digs down to pavement.
I had a rwd Ram for 3.5 years. I loved it otherwise, but it was real easy to break the rear end loose in any wet condition. I used (4) 70lb bags over the axle during the winter. This old back does not miss it.
I’ve driven a couple RWD vehicles through winter in New England. Both high powered V8’s. One, a 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 five speed hatchback. YIKES THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE. White knuckled my commute every day. Had sand bags in the back and snow tires on it. It did “help” but that car was bad. That thing was tough to drive in the summer for god‘s sake. Too light, too powerful back then.

The other a Lexus LS460. A tank with snow tires. A total nightmare without. RWD, but the traction control system and ABS was outstanding. I drove that thing through 8 inches of snow once...uphill, downhill, all over. Loved that car!!