Salmon recipe

Mar 30, 2014
I've made this recipe twice and both times my wife was super impressed with it.

My changes from the recipe:

I buy the cedar plank salmon at Lidl and marinate with the salmon on the plank on a plate. I don't submerge in marinate because of logistics so I put the marinate on top and what sticks, sticks.
Jared minced garlic instead of fresh. That's what I had on hand.
Frozen ginger instead of fresh. That's what I had on hand.

Use good sesame oil from the Asian market. Not the stuff from the regular grocery store.

Cooked it in my kamado grill at about 350°F. Use temperature sensor and remove the fish from the grill when the middle of the fish hits 145°F. It took a lot longer than the 20 minutes per the recipe.
Have to try that.

For the cost of a AK fishing license and a free AF&G subsistence permit, my son and I just landed 26 red salmon less than two weeks ago. We fished the Kasilof River on the Kenai peninsula and spent more time walking into and out of the mouth of the river then we did with our hoop net down and fishing -- had a fish in the 3 x 4 foot net in 60 to 90 seconds most every time. We caught what we wanted within 3 hours total time on-site (could have taken home 55 fish, if we would have stuck around for the next tide swing).

Heard the escapement numbers were met quite early this year on the Kenai peninsula rivers. As such, 24-hour fishing commenced for well over a week. We manage our fish well here!

We bleed and put the whole fish on-ice at the beach. The following day was a full one gutting and vaccum packing / freezing fish at home. That was the hard part. :)
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