Ryzen 1300x PC build

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Apr 19, 2016
Last month I've been pretty busy working on my relatives and neighbor's cars and used the money earned to finally build my AMD PC that will be replacing my 10 year old Intel PC. This time I wanted to do a stealth build with an old HP mATX case despite RGB glass side panel cases becoming popular. New parts: AMD Ryzen 1300X MSI B250 MORTAR mATX mobo 8GB Crucial Ballistix RAM 8GB DDR4-2400 (will be upgrading to Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4-3000) Samsung 960EVO 250GB NVMe M.2 SSD Parts from old PC: EVGA 1060 GTX 6GB Corsair RM550 Power Supply Sandisk 480GB SATA SSD HP Pavilion Case Blu-Ray Drive 1TB WD Blue HDD (Personal Drive) First was to do a couple of case mods. I cut and removed the rear dusty rusty stamped fan grille for a removable fan grille. I repinned the power button and case led mobo header connecter so it can plug right in. Installing CPU, RAM, and cooler onto mobo while on the bench (or on top a box on the floor.) Forgot to plop in the SSD: Mobo installed in case along with m.2 SSD, power supply and HDD cage. The HP case uses an inverted mobo design so the pictures aren't accidentally taken upside down. PSU cable management is much more difficult since the cables are made long for an ATX case. Getting the graphics card in. I have to give props to HP for this case design giving full case length for full length video cards. Unfortunately the round 24pin power cable can't be routed under or to the side of the video card so it has to get routed over: Powered on with the pretty red LED's lit up around the mobo. Sucks I won't be able to see it since I usually have my PC by the right side of my monitor and it's a solid side panel with some vent holes. Just a HP Pavilion PC.
I'm confused you said your old pc was 10 years old but you had parts such as the rm550x to reuse?
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I'm confused you said your old pc was 10 years old but you had parts such as the rm550x to reuse?
The Intel DP43TF mobo and Q6600 intel cpu is already a 10 year old platform but I went through 3 GPU's and 2 power supplies. The GTX 1060 and RM550x were recent upgrades I've made on my old PC and was planning to transfer them to my new build.
Yeah i just upgraded my old q6600 and p5nd a while back.. wish i wouldve waited for the ryzen.. my 1070 is already cpu limited.. but what the heck. I ended up with a haf 912 case 2 200mm noctua and 4 120mm noctua with an rm850 i got a deal on mounted on bottom
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