Rubicon Suspension and Steering Upgrades

Sep 26, 2010
I installed the following steering/suspension upgrades on my Rubicon yesterday and the steering is dramatically improved (Wranglers typically suffer from too little caster angle) and can suffer from “death wobble”. Though I have not had death wobble, all solid axles can suffer from it and so I wanted to prevent it before it happens.

The OEM trackbar (as well as the drag link and tie rod) is thin tubing that has crimped ends and these flex and become loose over time especially with larger tires and off-road activities. The bushings in the OEM stuff is pretty weak and wear pretty rapidly as well.

Though initially, I had no issues with wandering in the steering, lately it had become more noticeable—especially since my youngest son is learning to drive. The steering feels very different (nice and firm) and does not wander like it did previously. Caster increased to 6.4° (left) and 6.3° (right); we did not check it prior to replacing them, but I would guess it was 4.5 to 5.

Parts installed are:

1. Metal Cloak tie-rod, drag link, and trackbar

2. Mopar longer lower control arms

3. Synergy Front Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace

4. Reinstalled my Fox steering stabilizer and Synergy relocation kit

5. Performed an alignment

We used Mystik grease with 3% moly for all components in my new Macnaught K-32 grease gun which also worked perfectly.

Here are the alignment specs--enjoy!