Rotella T5 15w40 semi syn .. Sure wish

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Jun 15, 2011
Just perusing the oil section at my local Walmart while getting service done on my vehicle next door. Reading the labels of the Rotella T6 5w40 syn and T4 15w40 dino, both stated JASO MA/MA2 certified. Not so on the semi syn T5 15w40. But, we all knew that. I only say this as I am keeping to using JASO MA/MA2 syn/semi syn oils in my Triumph 800 Tiger while it's still under warranty. It'd be nice to have a gallon at $15 so close by. Oh well .. Walmart has Castrol ActiveEvo 10w40 partial syn motorcycle available for $18.90/gallon so that'll do..
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From Shell ..

Hello Jeff,

Rotella T5 15W-40 has not been tested against the JASO wet clutch requirements - no news of it getting this rating anytime soon.

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Aly Tuñgol

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Dunno, Been using it in wet clutch applications for 10 years in the same bike with the original clutch. Probably is ok.
Oh, I agree. Looks like many use it w/out issues. My curiosity is simply why this version has not been wet clutch rated to gain the ratings
I would try the T-5. If you feel the clutch slipping, quit using it. IMO you won't have any problems. Worse case scenario is you have to replace a clutch, which isn't too hard.
Been using it in three (DR650, FZ1, GS1000) different shared sump bikes since it came out, no clutch issues here. I started using the dino Rotella back before it had the JASO rating, so I'm adventurous.
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