Rotella T 5w40 question

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Dec 2, 2011
Hello gentlemen, and I am curious as to what you could use the Rotella 5W40 synthetic oil in. I mean passenger car with a gas engine. I thought that some VW, AUDI and european cars require 5w40. If I am wrong I apologize. Just looking for clarification and it made me wonder as I think the Rotella 5w40 syn is diesel engine oil although it is SM rated. thank you everyone in advance and sorry about asking the PYB/ROTELLA blend question. adam
T6 does not claim to meet VW or other Euro specs, although there is a good chance it could were it tested to them. Some owners of older Mercedes and BMW cars really like this oil for their engines and it has shown some good UOAs in turbo Subies. The hot choice for a Euro app is probably M1 0W-40, which meets a boatload of manufacturer's specs.
Thanks for that clarification fdcg, and what gas vehicle could someone use it in? I just noticed a member here used it in a 03' accord, and that made me think. adam v
The Rotella Syn 5W-40 is SM rated and good for gas engine use. I use it in our Land Rover. The T6 is a great oil, readily available and priced well. But with the other European cars, most manufactures, not all (like our LR), have a specification of what the oil is required to do based on R & D and based on that, oils are approved by the manufacture for use in a specific application. Not just anyone can claim their oil meets those specs. It costs big $$$ to get the engine approval. I'm not saying the T6 won't meet or exceed certain Euro car requirements, it's just there isn't any value in getting the approvals for that oil since we have many products that already do so (QSUD Euro, QSUD Diesel VX, Plat Euro, Plat VX, Ultra) and meet a laundry list of both gasoline and diesel engine specs for PCMO. The T6 syn can be used really in anything within reason. Has a really robust additive package and provides some extra protection for cars with a little mileage on them, towing applications and high powered engines.
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Thanks for the info Flying_A. I didnt realize that much stuff on this oil til you told me, so thank you. Adam
I used Rotella 5W-40 in our old 3.0 Aerostar for a number of OCIs. Probably more than the Vulcan needed, but it did just fine and didn't seem to hurt fuel economy either. It used to be extraordinarily cheap at Wally for a Grp III syn, as well. If I knew then what I know now, I'd probably not have used it during the winter, since it is pretty thick at low temperatures. Still, ignorance is bliss, and the old Aerostar was quite happy with Rotella 5W-40, one run of which included a 2K round trip to south Florida, on which fuel economy was quite good, heavily loaded and driving fast. I'd use T6 in any older car without hesitation were it as cheap as it once was. It seems to work well. There are better choices, though.
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