Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40

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Jul 18, 2002
Does anyone have any info on Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40? Is this Group III or PAO based? I'm curious. In my F350 Diesel I use Mobil Delvac 1 5w40 in the winter and Mobil 1300 Super 15W40 for the rest of the year. I'm paying about $17.50 per gallon for the Delvac and $5.75 per gallon for the 1300 Super. I recently noticed Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40 in my local Wallyworld for $12.88 per gallon!!! That is about $3.20 per quart which is quite a bargain in my book. Comments on the Rotella T Synthetic 5w40 anyone? Thanks.
Thanks! Now that I looked again I do remember reading that thread (sometimes I can't remember what day it is [Embarrassed] ). I didn't give this oil much thought until I saw it in Wallyworld for $12.88. That is really a bargain. I do like the Delvac 1 a lot but I can only get it at my local distributor and they can't touch the chain store prices (although their price isn't too bad at about $4.30 ish per quart). Thanks again.
You are sure getting a bargin on the Delvac I for $17.50 a gallon. It costs $23 a gallon at the local Flying J. For the cost difference I would personally use the Delvac I year round, because it is full synthetic compared to the Shell Rotell Synthetic which is Group III. I am using the Schaeffers 15W40 in my 01 PSD, and plan on doing that year round. It has a good pour point ect. If you do decide to use the Shell Syn, it is a good oil, and price.
- - - The ROTELLA T products do not have friction modifiers, and consequently may not permit the same fuel economy as oils containing them. --- I read this on the Shell Rotella forum from their "Tech expert". This was an explaination of one of the differences b/t Rotella and gasoline type oils. What is the friction modifiers that he could be talking about that are in typical motor oils but NOT in the Rotella? What are they not included in the Rotella diesel oils if they are "good" to use in regular oils? I was not able to post on the Rotella forum so I'm asking here as this is more active board.
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