Rolling Rock Beer

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Sep 26, 2003
Pittsburgh, PA
Oh well, today is the last day for Latrobe Brewing, makers of Rolling Rock beer. My favorite since I was old enough to drink, and okay, before that too. InBev sold the Rolling Rock brand to Anheuser-Busch and they are closing the brewery and will make it in New Jersey. If it doesn't come from the mountain springs to me via the glass-lined tanks of Old Latrobe, it isn't Rolling Rock. I refuse to drink cloned Rolling Rock from N.J. Goodbye old friend. [Cheers!]
I never quite got that feeling from Rolling Rock. It had a bite to it that had me envisioning brackish leakage from closed deep coal mines that leached into the flowing waterways. Far less appealing than the fine waters of Pottsville ..home of Yuengling. The Schullkyl River is more easily treatable. [Big Grin] So they swapped for the advantage of NJ [Confused] Alfred Barnett Company, Latrobe, PA American Coke Company, Latrobe, PA American Locomotive Works, Latrobe, PA Bradenville Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Derry Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Garfield Smokeless Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Greenwich Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA J. D. Houston Company, Latrobe, PA Latrobe-Connellsville Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Latrobe Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Latrobe - Cresson Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Ligonier Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Loyalhanna No. 2 Mine, Loyalhanna, Latrobe, Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA M. Saxman, Jr. & Company, Latrobe, PA M. Saxman, Sr. & Company, Latrobe, PA Mercer Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Millwood Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Millwood Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Oakville Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Puritan Coke Company of Latrobe, Latrobe, PA Ridge Coal Company, Latrobe, PA Saxman Coal & Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Unity Connellsville Coke Company, Latrobe, PA Latrobe Coal Company, Latrobe, PA [Big Grin]
In effort to keep my money local, I am going to switch to Stoney's beer. I just can't do Iron City. If Stoney's is not available then I'll drink Yuengling. Straub is made in PA too but it gives me gas.
I haven't had Rolling Rock since my days in PA over 20 years ago. I loved those little 7 oz. Pony bottles!
Anheuser-Busch getting their sticky fingers into everything. "We have both kinds of beer here. Bud AND Bud Light." Not that I cared much for Rolling Rock, but I hate Anheuser-Busch with a passion, and hate to see them mess with tradition.
Tried a sip of Rolling Rock around 7 years ago. If I was a maggot I would have gagged. Being a human I ceased after the one sip, proclaimed to all how bad the stuff tasted and, being able to learn from past error, just like a one-cell amoeba, never allowed the vile concoction to pass my blubbery lips again. Vile stuff. Admittedly, I, Obbop, sage and modern-day marvel, am not much of an alcohol drinker; be it beer or in some other form. Perhaps 6 unit's worth (can or bottle) is drank in a two to three year period. It's been over a year since the last guzzle. Will probably indulge in two or three cans within a year or two. And, when that momentous moment arrives, the brew bloating my belly will be the ONE beer whose taste, to me, is the only commonly available beer hereabouts that tastes the way a beer should taste.....the beer mentioned by the neighbors upstairs: Pabst Blue Ribbon. burp
Water to the A-B Newark brewery comes from two sources. One is the City of Newark water supply, which is pretty good and is one of the reasons why Newark was historically a brewing center. However, at other times, the water comes from the Elizabethtown Water Company system, which sources most of its water from the Raritan River. This water is heavily treated, and therefore must be extensively filtered and treated at the brewery. I still stick by my adage, do not drink beers that are closely identified with horses, dogs or frogs.
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