RIP Jeff Beck...

I was thinking 🤔 of the radio guy and then realized that was Glenn Beck 😂. Sorry guys, we have influenza right now. My hero/first responder/nurse brought home everything but COVID from a care home. She's stuck that stupid thing up my nose more than I care to count. Both stuck at home... drinking all my Canadian Whiskey making us hot totties with ginger root,lemon,honey,tea,water,etc.


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Beck loved cars, especially American style hot rods. Check out these two videos. I also grew up with his music. No one had the same sound and style as Jeff. He hadn't released a lot of new albums in the last 20 years but continued to tour and do guest appearances on other artist's recordings.

This was about 3 months ago in Oct 2022.
His guitar playing just kept getting better all the time, like good wine.
It's a shame he had to contract that bacterial infection.

The woman bass player is Rhonda Smith seems to have been with Jeff for many years.
She may have taken over after Tal Wilkenfeld.

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"If nothing else, you have to admire this man’s work ethic. Never stopped learning, practicing, improving.
When he left us he was the best version of himself. RIP Jeff, truly a guitar god. "
JB looked much older in these last gigs, but he sounded more amazing than ever.
He aged a lot since the last time I'd seen him in videos. It's sad to see someone fade away on top of their game.
I think JB knew it but he refused to stop being devoted to playing guitar.
He put so much into his music. It kind of a shame he didn't put more time into his own health.

People live and die the way they choose to.
My sister was the same way. She'd hang up on me when I tried to teach her about health foods.
Then one day she woke up at 6am and dropped dead at age 73.
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This was Sept 2022.
Great show.
2 girls and 2 guys.

Anika Nilles playing drums. She's fantastic.