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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
hey guys, i've done lots of searching but came up with mixed answers. i change my own oil in my 1994 camaro Z28 with the LT1 now with 95k miles. since i live in so. cal i use Valvoline 10w30. i personally just use non-synthetics since im cheap and AC Delco filters, but i had always thought Valvoline made decent oil but it seems as some people don't agree especially in the test result area. what are some good brands you can buy off the shelf for non-synthetics. i also change my parents' cars' oil which includes a 2002 Nissan Xterra S/C (10w30) and a 2002 Ford F-150 (5w20) thanks for any help. -tyler
For the LT1, I would highly recommend Pennzoil 10w40. It's a thinner 40wt, that is going to protect your LT1 a bit better than the average 5w30 or 10w30 will. Chevron Supreme 10w40 is also good, but hard to find. PS-I've got a 95 Formula with almost 90k on it, these LT1 engines just get better with age, mine runs as good as ever now (best ET this year has been 13.74 at 100mph-bone stock!!)
Another alternative if you're uncomfortable using 10w40, would be one of the 10w30 high mileage oils out there. I say this because they are formulated to be on the thick end of the 30wt range, so they are almost 10w40s. But generally speaking they don't thin out as easily. I'd recommend Pennzoil high mileage first, followed by GTX high mileage. Don't bother with Maxlife, I tried it in my LT1 with mediocre results. [ August 13, 2003, 07:16 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
As for the other vehicles, a great, inexpensive oil is Chevron Supreme. Avail in 5/30 and 10/30 which will work for both the F150 and the Nissan. It's about $1.10/qt at WalMart. If you have a Costco membership and want this oil *really* cheap, get it by the case and you'll pay about 90 cents/qt. For this price Chevron Supreme might be the best oil on the market in terms of performance & value. There's a lot of talk about 5/20 oils here so use the search function and you'll find lots of threads and posts. I don't think there is an inexpensive 5/20; Motorcraft is about $1.80/qt. Seeing as the 5/20 requirment from Ford has to do with improving mileage in their vehicles and not about improving protection, you can safely run 5/30 in the F150. Just document the oil changes and keep the receipts in case you have an oil-related engine problem (not very likely) and need to make a warranty claim.
Castrol GTX is another excellent common conventional oil, the only problem is that it's cold weather properties aren't very good. But in used oil analysis, it shows excellent wear numbers in warmer weather. One of the best oil analysis reports I've seen on an LS1 F-body was with GTX 10w40.
luckily i live in san diego on the coast, so i will never see below 50's maybe 40's if im out in the valley in the winter. ok so now it sounds like chevron supreme really is a good brand and castrol gtx is also. any others people can add to the list? also anyone have opinions on Valvoline oil? thanks for all your guys help.
I've used different Valvoline productss with varying results. In general, they produce average oils that produce average results. No more, no less. One of my F150's has posted excellent results on Durablend, but thats about it. There are better choices than Valvoline, but it will work fine in a change every 3,000 mile situation.
Groucho, No Chevron, then why not the Havoline same weight. When one looks at the specs sheet between Chevron and Havoline they are EXACTLY the same. [I dont know] Maybe this is a marketing plan of ChevronTexaco, to sell different brands in different areas of the country. [Confused] Good Day, Steven
For the LT1, I would highly recommend Pennzoil 10w40.
Wow i had always read how Penzoil was a crappy oil and had sludging problems. Maybe those people were wrong? [Confused] so just of curiosity excluding Chevron Supreme, what is another best non-synthetic oil out there? a lot of my friends always ask me these things so i would like to be able to recommend maybe like 2 or 3 brands and plus just for my own good use. thanks for your guys help. p.s. is valvoline a good oil? i have some friends that only use it and would like to inform them about it. [ August 13, 2003, 12:36 PM: Message edited by: windnsea00 ]
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