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May 23, 2003

Since I am disappointed with my mpg experiment so far with M1 10w-30 and VSOT / FC20 / FP60, I will be returning back to the GC fold when the M1 fill is changed out in 5k miles.

I have two more cases of GC gold on hand, so am ready to go.

I may reorder the FC20 when current supply is exhausted, but dont know about the FP60. I doubt I'll use the remainder of the VSOT.
Click your heels three times and say: "There is no oil like GC. There is no oil like GC. There is no oil like GC."
Only way to tell for sure if your MPG drop was due to your past experiment - is to do the same FP/LC/VSOT experiment with GC.

Have you tried this exact experiment with GC prior to the Mobil-1?
You also need to keep using the same gas from the same station at the same time of year and going to the same pump at that station over a few fill ups wouldn't hurt either.

I drive over 50k mi a year, almost always at the same gas station..and usually the same pump.

I can compare mpg going back some 8 yrs (different cars/engines) but usually from same station. The route is almost always the same.

I have not run anything with GC but will next GC fill..prob in October.

Today's run was over 32mpg, but that was about 95/5 highway. I added 1oz of FC20 last night. ???
What was your mileage before the M1 10w-30 and VSOT / FC20 / FP60?

I can't see why you wouldn't go with M1 0W-30 or 5W-30 to compare with GC 0W-30 even though GC 0W-30 is apparently near the upper viscosioty range.

Unless one of the GC experts says no, it would be fun to see how VSOT / FC20 / FP60 worked in GC .

Maybe drive 1000 miles on fresh GC and then add VSOT / FC20 / FP60.

Perhaps I will try a GC-VSOT-FC20-FP60 experiement.

One thing interesting, is this particular 3800 Series II hasnt touched the M1 brew.

The other 3800s I've had would use some in 2-3000 miles. The whole bottle of VSOT must have thickened the M1 10w-30 considerably.

Last Sat, with 95/5 type of driving, the car turned in 32.09mpg w/o A/C.

For years, 26 mpg was the norm for this car and the route i drive.

I believe that the long interstate portion of that day's trip accounted for the mileage.

This engine/tranny combo hates city driving. The numbers for intown average 15-16 and near/just over 30 for interstate.
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