Resources for restoring classic truck

Jan 11, 2007
El Oeste
Long story short, I‘m kicking around the idea of getting a hold of a 1955 Dodge truck. The body and paint are good but it does need some mechanical work. I haven’t worked on a vehicle this old, so I’m not even sure what’s the out there for parts (anything aftermarket, for instance?), manuals, fluid specs, capacities, etc.

Are there resources you suggest I start to get familiar with? Thanks a lot.
What wpod said. A restoration is a labor of love. And never done.
And tons of frustration. And tons of garage space.

Have fun, but be ready.
If this is the truck you really want and is the best one you can find, go for it.
Here's a '46...
Dave 46 Dodge.jpg
An old friend who restored vehicles for customers told them they would have to chase parts themselves based info he would provide them unless he knew who would have what was needed. The old time is money adage.
I’d buy yourself a good repair manual like a factory service manual if you can find one. That would probably tell you everything you need to know. I’m currently restoring my beetle and the factory service manual has helped a lot with special tricks or tools that you need for that specific car or job. Also any Dodge forums you can find too that way people on there know specific issues and stuff and could help you out if you needed it. Also make sure you have a good set of SAE sockets and wrenches that’s all you will use on those old domestics. Along with a good set of flat head screwdrivers too.

As far as parts go I believe there are some places that specialize in old truck parts I’ll look and see if I can find the ones I know of and see if they sell Dodge parts. Junkyards will be your best friend too. Some of those older trucks had early and late parts so you have to make sure you get the right ones too. And if you need help me and the members here will do our best to help you. I’ve worked on some older trucks we restored a 1950 GMC at school we done the mechanical work and the motor sports class painted it. That’s where I learned a lot about points and condensers. 🙂
Do a search for vintage Dodge truck forums. I’m sure you will find a few and get some good advice as well.
My FIL had a 49 Studebaker pickup restored a few years ago. He could probably sell it for $8-12,000 and I know he had quite a bit more in it than that. It was bought new by his grandfather in 1949 so the sentimental value outweighed the logic. Just another opinion if you are considering a resto. My suggestion, keep an eye out on websites and buy someone else’s that’s already completed if you are looking to do it for less money. Good luck!
like many things you want to do for "fun" the value is relevant unlike a business looking to make $$$ + of course popularity reigns for getting parts at fair prices BUT like DIY satisfaction + joy of doing it can not be priced!! a friend did a 50 buick drop top years + he noted he had NO idea what less common parts cost, unlike doing a 55-6-7 chevy or mustang + camaro!!!
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