Remington 870

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Jul 3, 2017
Douglas County, Colorado
Would you buy a "new" 870? I have never owned an 870. However I qualified on them many times before the Mossberg came around. I have a Mossberg 590A1. Are the quality issues with Rem enough to waylay a good deal?
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The 870 and 590 are both basic and reliable tools. I don’t see quality issues with either. Remington’s customer service is atrocious, and I won’t ever buy another one of their products for myself.
Eager to see who says what as I haven't read about any 870 production issues - but I haven't looked, I know the early marlins took a huge hit. love my 870 UD
I have an older model 12 gauge 870 (metal trigger group) and two 20 Gauge 870s less than 2 years old. No problems with any of them. In fact I want to add a 870DM to the collection. I would buy without hesitation
If I were to get one, it be one of the used police models. Better quality than the basic non-le models.
If you have a 590 then you don't gain much with an 870 unless you just want something with good aftermarket parts. Both are run of the mill pump shotguns. Funny enough the Chinese clones of the 870 are built better in some ways. I had a H&R Pardner Protector that was such a clone and it had a beefier receiver with a metal trigger guard. I was able to swap out the stock for a speedfeed for an 870 and it fit fine. Barrels were the only proprietary part. I've moved onto autoloaders now though.
I would not hesitate to purchase a new Remington 870. That said I would limit my choice to one of the Police or Wingmaster Models. They receive a bit more quality built into their construction. And are worth the extra money.
I would not buy any newer Remington product. If cheap is what you want, the Mossberg maverick is the AK of cheap shotguns. My truck and bike gun have been completely submerged and coated in mud more times than I can count. Zero rust. No loss of function.
I just sold mine. I liked shooting it but it was just too nice of a gun to take in the woods or throw it in the back of the sidebyside or I favored my Maverick 88 12ga instead. My go to shotgun is my Beretta 390 12ga probably my most favorite gun i own.
I have an 870 Express. Stay away from the express models - they rust easy and are picky with shells. Mine is very picky with low brass shells and I deal with constant jam issues when skeet shooting with everything except Federals or Remington Premier shells. It's bad enough that sometimes the hull separates from the brass and gets stuck in the tube. Overall I am disappointed with it. Definitely go for the 870 Wingmaster if you want an 870.
I bought an 18" inch Remington 870 Police Magnum from Summit Gun Brokers ~ $320/Shipped - 2001 Production Date (pre-Freedom Group) - Extended Remington factory magazine tube - Rifle sights Added a Magpul stock and forend and it is awesome!
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