Recycling ATF with Engine Oil

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Dec 22, 2002
The Garden State
Any reason not to recycle ATF with motor oil? I can see not doing coolant but ATF is petroleum or synthetic based oil product similar to motor oil but with different additives. I understand they are not interchangeable but for recycling purposes are they ok to mix?

No reason at all.

I mix brake fluid in with mine too, but the recyclers that buy mine use it in a kiln to fire bricks and pottery. Not a good idea if the recycler is going make a finished petroleum product or use it to fire a nice furnace.
Yeah, I keep a 5-gal safety can (like this) in my garage for recycling oil. I put engine oil, ATF, power steering fluid, gear oil, and brake fluid in there. My county government operates a recycling center where I dump it. I've heard that brake fluid should be kept separate, but not sure why that is. It probably depends on what the recycled oil is used for. If waste oil is being mixed into asphalt or burned for heat it probably doesn't matter. If it's used as a base stock for motor oil then perhaps it shouldn't have brake fluid in it. However, I worked at an auto service shop back in the early '90s and the mechanics always dumped used brake fluid into the waste oil drum.
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Don't put brake fluid in with the oil. Atf,oil,ps and gear oils are fine

+100 because they DO NOT MIX
Yea I mix all oils.
Coolant and brake fluid are separate items by themselves.
I have a local 1 man shop fella who has a waste oil furnace-he's always glad to see me with my WW2 gas cans of motor oil and atf
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