Recommended Plastic Restorer?

^ I use boiled linseed oil all the time (for wood preservation and paint fortification, it most definitely ends up a mucky mess that attracts goop. You'd be as well off putting acrylic flood wax on as that... not that I recommend acrylic floor wax either. Then again if you're happy with the result, that's all that matters but consider that if this was the best alternative, there would not be so many alternatives that are not even closely related to boiled linseed oil. If you just want a wetted shinier finish you could just put a few coats of clear coat paint on it after an abrasive to take off the lighter colored oxidized layer of material, but ultimately many such surfaces have some texture and I feel a minimal amount of material removal then a color paint coat is the best looking and longest lasting option sort of buying a brand new trim piece if/when available.
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This is another good one with many products. It is ongoing over time with periodic updates. The heat gun approach seems appealing, but if you want to wipe on a finish, then at least this will tell you the worst.

I used Cerakote on a friend’s Tundra. So far, so good. $10ish when I saw it at Wally-world.

Wipe New I’m meh about. It wasn’t great for headlights.