I have finally found a product for black trim


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Last year I used the Magic Eraser, it lasted a year but was a lot of rubbing. I used the Wipe New this time and it came out almost perfect on my 2001 Tacoma. Not sure why there was a little swirl in one spot, but the rest looks awesome. I don't like the application because you seem to get one shot at it-no rubbing or overlapping suggested, and you should not get it on paint or glass. From 10' away it looks great for 21 year old plastic
Looks good! I wouldn't use a Magic Eraser because the trim butts up against painted panels and the eraser is abrasive, which would scratch the paint if it isn't taped off. Too much work. Looks like the wipes worked out better for you than the ME. I like the Wizards stuff because it doesn't dry, it's easy to blend, and its paint friendly. Seems to leave some sort of a moisture on the trim, which makes it look new...