Mar 8, 2021
BC Canada
Will soon need to buy new 3 season tires for my 2008 Honda Fit. I have dedicated winter tires, on seperate rims, so these are April till Halloween use only. I drive about 5% gravel roads, 10% city, 30% secondary roads that are twisty, and 55% hwy. A mellow driver most often, not a Valtteri Bottas impersonator.
There is BITOG’s favorite, the General Altimax RT43, which are actually pretty good. Had a set on my 300 and had no complaints, even in snow in case you get hit by a freak snow storm and don’t have your winter tires on. Handled the highway great, no problems on twisty roads even driving in a more... spirited... manner, and they were quiet. Never hydroplaned on me...

Put BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT’s on my van, which are kind of overkill for your particular needs IMO, being a 3PMSF rated tire, but we’re incredibly happy with them.
I have kumho solus ta11 185/65/15 on my 2008 yaris. Decent for what it is. Stock tire size for the yaris is 185/60/15. I dont know why the previous owner went for the 65series. 32psi on all four and it is also quiet considering the yaris is not so good in the noise and vibration department. I also have dedicated winters for the yaris so the kumhos just seen duties on warmer months of april to october. For everyday in town driving and occasional long trips, it is good enough for me.
Lots of people here love the RT43 but I personally don't like it. The sidewalls are way too soft for any quick reaction (like avoiding highway debris at night) and I've had more issues with my current RT43s than all the other tires I've had combined. They do last a decent amount of miles and are great in the wet though.

Continental DWS06 may be what you're looking for. They feel like a "bigger brother" in a way to the RT43s - a step up in every category.
The RT43 H rated . Have used these for the '13 FIT since their introduction . Keep at 34 > 36 .
I’m not a fan of the RT43. I had a set on a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. The dealership that I bought them from exchanged them for a set of Cooper CS3 (now the Evolution). I’ll never by another set of them.
Have used Altimax RT43 on four different cars over the last 13 years and have always been pleased. Four other cars have had Optimos because I need WSW tires. Last two cars need a more sports oriented tire.
Since you have separate winter tires, I would go w some GT Radials, they are cheap $40 ea and perform fine in the 3 seasons. I have them on my Pontiac vibe and it handled rain, dry, twistys, rough CA roads, etc just fine.