Least Aggressive A/T Tire for Mostly Highway Use or Stick With My All-Seasons

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Michelin LTX Defender MS or Michelin LTX AT2.

ive been running them on my person and work trucks for years and they do fine in all kinds of conditions on and off road.
Literally going through this same process myself since my new F-150 has a set of trash Pirelli Scorpion ATRs on it. I barely take it off the pavement so for me, on-road characteristics are #1.

I will likely end up with the Yoko Geolandar G015 or Continental TerrainContact A/T. Those seem to be the two best road-focused AT tires at the moment, based on Tire Rack's testing and various owner reviews. Nitto has a new tire called the Recon Grappler that looks really interesting but it's too new know how it does on-road...it looks more off-road focused.

FYI the Contis have a rebate through the end of this month!
Another big fan of Michelin Defenders here. I’m on my second set on my Suburban and I’d think nothing of driving them up a steep gravel road.
I was in Maine a few winters ago and was amazed at how well they took me up a snow and ice covered hill.
I’ll vouch for both of his choices, the continental contitrack AT and the yokohama geolnder GO15. Ive had both. The conti is a touch quieter and a touch better in the rain, but the yoko seems to be a more precise handler and carries the 3pmsf rating. The yokos are on my truck now and if I had to choose again I’d probably take the yokos over the conti’s by a very narrow margin. Both are excellent tires!
I've run a couple different AT's on my F150s in the past 5-10 years. The older Cooper AT3 was smooth and quiet, so I would expect the newer versions to be excellent highway tires as well. Currently running the Falken AT3W and those are just as smooth and quiet. Really surprisingly quiet, even after 40k miles. And I just installed the new Cooper ATP2 on my wife's truck. They are still brand new with under 1000 miles but so far the truck just just as smooth and quiet as it id with the OE tires...
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