Rear End Noise 2003 Suburban

Just took vehicle to mechanic... Their diagnosis is carrier bearings going bad, and it is very slight, but should be done. They said they would replace pinion bearing, pinion seal, carrier bearings and wheel bearings for 1500.00. I also have rear main seal leak (Different thread) for 1350.00 . I only have budget for 1 of those projects now. I am thinking to have them do rear main (seal since the general consensus on that thread was it is not a driveway type project) and try to tackle rear end work myself, since quality bearings are not expensive. Anything I should be concerned about trying to do this one on my own?
I could check wear patterns on ring gear of I did it on my own to rule out ring and pinion issues. mechanic did not pull diff cover. Used stethoscope to listen to bearings.
Gear setup more art

Rear main more science (just brute strength mostly)

Personally I'd pay for the rear end and live with rear main until funds replenish, if I were in your position.

With new bearings you absolutely want to run the pattern. And you really want a ~$300 knockoff/~$600 real-deal clamshell bearing puller.
I’d be finding a low miles replacement at a salvage yard. Around here there are tons of those rigs in the yards. Do the replacement yourself and apply the savings to the rear main job.
Ended up doing rear main job. I will explore options for rear end or save up. Turns out diagnosis was for pinion bearings, not carrier bearings, but mechanic says it would only save a few hundred bucks.