Rear brake job 04 Avalanche

Dec 23, 2013
For about the past day or two while driving I been hearing a whistling sound that would disappear when hitting the brakes and it just got louder. Got up early this morning and checked to find the rear pads /rotors were toast. Didn’t have time to order replacements online as I needed to use my truck for work this afternoon so I headed to autozone, got the Duralast gold ceramic pads and 2 new rotors $175 and change out the door. (Powerstop rear kit from rock auto is $129 and change shipped). The old pads have a “C” stamped on the back plate so assume it’s centric pads. Anyways, I removed the calipers, rotors, pads and gave everything a good cleaning w brake clean and a brush. I pulled the caliper pins and they were dry as a bone so I cleaned and generously applied sylglide (still have a tube that is at least 6 years old) Buttoned everything up without any hiccups and drove it about 150 or miles. These pads are good perfect for daily driver truck. Did not take any photos of the new parts but they look the same as any.
I put Duralast Max pads on our 99 Silverado and 04 TrailBlazer back in 2016 and they have been great. I think you will be quite happy with them. Factory rotors on the TrailBlazer and Wagner rotors on the Silverado were still in great shape. No squealing or vibrations.
Nothing wrong with the Duralasts at all - as long as you use the Gold series and up. The basic red box ones are not so good.
We used to have an '02 Silverado that used a slider pin boot style that was seemingly impossible to find. NAPA sold me the wrong style. O'Reilly had the wrong style. Finally I found the correct ones in a bag of hardware from AutoZone.

I never did understand the confusion but it was frustrating to be stalled over such a little accordian boot, esp since a torn boot started the whole process of excessive pad wear