RAVENOL USVO VST 5W-40 any other oil on the market that is better ?

Someone's pics to illustrate evermore cleanliness with the VST and some easy Motul: https://oil-club.de/index.php?thread/8212-5w-40er-im-vergleich-die-öle-unsere-erfahrungen-in-direkter-gegenüberstellung/

In my eyes no substitute for this kind of visual guessing: https://belautoparts.by/v_chem_razn...ly_tech_10w40_poly_tech_5w30_i_obyichnyimi_t/

but at least he was looking at impressions from one engine again and again.
In that forum, they also talk about Ravenol VST making the engine quieter, something I noticed in my N55 engine as well. I haven’t taken the valve cover off to check the cleanliness of my engine yet, but I am happy to see another person satisfied with this oil. My BMW got Pentosin it’s first round oil change, but now it gets Ravenol VST, and I couldn’t be happier with the oil.
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