Ravenol coolant confusion

Jan 18, 2023
Check these link, pls: https://www.ravenolamerica.com/pass...t-antifreeze-ravenol-otc-c12-premix-g12-plus/

In the Specifications, Applications, and OE Reference Numbers are listed:
  • Toyota 08889-00115, 08889-01005, 08889-80014, 08889-80015
  • Toyota 00272-1LLAC
In the Technical Characteristics and Features I noticed that the coolant is:
  • For use in vehicles requiring coolant free of phosphate, silicate, nitrite, amine, and borate.
As we know Toyota original coolant is: "based antifreeze combine small amounts of phosphates and organic biodegradable acids".

So, the abovementioned Ravenol coolant is pure OAT G12 + and the listed OE Reference numbers are not correct?
that’s because europeans don’t care. basf g30 and its clones dominate worldwide aftermarket coolants.

suitable for any european oat, american xlc, any cci asian coolant.