Ravenol coolant confusion

Jan 18, 2023
Europe, Bulgaria
Check these link, pls: https://www.ravenolamerica.com/pass...t-antifreeze-ravenol-otc-c12-premix-g12-plus/

In the Specifications, Applications, and OE Reference Numbers are listed:
  • Toyota 08889-00115, 08889-01005, 08889-80014, 08889-80015
  • Toyota 00272-1LLAC
In the Technical Characteristics and Features I noticed that the coolant is:
  • For use in vehicles requiring coolant free of phosphate, silicate, nitrite, amine, and borate.
As we know Toyota original coolant is: "based antifreeze combine small amounts of phosphates and organic biodegradable acids".

So, the abovementioned Ravenol coolant is pure OAT G12 + and the listed OE Reference numbers are not correct?
that’s because europeans don’t care. basf g30 and its clones dominate worldwide aftermarket coolants.

suitable for any european oat, american xlc, any cci asian coolant.
Toyota SLLC = HOAT and pink or blue in Honda/Subaru.
Toyota SLC =OAT and red for older cars pre 2004 but only 1/2 of the life of SLLC.
HOAT are always last longer and Aisin Ultra Long Life (blue) is the only aftermarket I knew exactly compatible with SLLC but with blue color.
G12 and G12+ contains no Silicate so it is compatible with P-OAT phosphated base Pink SLLC but will not havr the same level of corrosion protection without phosphate in it. VW use silicate as replacement to phospate on G12++ and G13 but are not compatible with phosphated SLLC. chemically will cause issues.
Don't mess up with Toyota/Lexus reliability for a cheap €40 per gallon genuine coolant SLLC. It may cause deposit, gelling, and void any warranty if dealership saw non pink non phospated SLLC.

Ravenol coolant are not special. Their synthetic oil are really good, as good as Amsoil Signature. You also can use Ravenol WS or Dexron VI for any Toyota conventional automatic and hybrid transmissions but not belt CVT.
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Yes, thanks for the reply.
After reading a lot here and I bought some Aisin Hoat - blue one. Just waiting the temperatures drops and I will make the change of coolant. The aisin is already mixed with ionised water - (-37 Celsius). I’m planning to change the coolant after several times with ionised water pure one and to fill with aisin using some mathematics and to check the overall result with the right device.
Here's the "right device":

Just to finish the topic, today I changed the coolant with the aisin hoat. It was cheaper then Toyota pink and I flush 3 times the system with distilled water until it was clear water and put the coolant. I used very clever gadget - you can see the bubbles with air coming out from the radiator. The heat from vents is insane now.