Quick question on paper gaskets

Jan 11, 2007
El Oeste
I have a weeping fuel pump block off plate on a 1997 5.7 Yukon. This is the small plate on the front passenger's side of the 350s where the fuel pump was installed in previous generations. I've had good luck with paper gaskets in the past and with the issues curing RTV in the winter, I decided to order a Victor Reinz paper gasket for all of $.18 from Rock Auto. (This may be the cheapest car part I've ever purchased.) When the package came, it had 7 gaskets inside.

Here's my question: Does it make any sense to double or triple up on the gaskets, or should I just use one? They're very thin. Not sure if if multiple gaskets would help or mess things up.
I used two paper gaskets on my timing chain cover. I put silicone grease on both sides for two reasons; 1) to help hold the gaskets in place while I put bolts in, and 2) to make it easy for disassembly if I have to go back into it. 3 1/2 years later; no leaks. YMMV....I don't like cleaning up after RTV.
Use one gasket. Make sure the plate is flat and all gasket surfaces are spotless and oil free. Apply Gasgacinch to one side of the gasket and the plate and let it dry a little. Stick the gasket to the plate, apply some more gasgacinch to the gasket and install.
Use no RTV on any paper gasket. No, I would not double up on the gasket. I coat the gasket with Permatex #2. No cure time is needed. If the surfaces are flat, the thin gasket your have should seal up the plate. If you put something too thick and over torque the bolts, you stand a good chance of distorting the plate.