Question About the Need for an Extended Life Fltr

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Jul 14, 2012
Bucks County, PA
I use the basic M1 5W-30, and change it at around 8500 or 9000 miles. Do I need to be shelling out for extended life filters? Or will a good filter from Wix or similar quality do the trick? Thanks for your opinions. Why did I pick that number of miles? Any more than that the oil starts looking disgusting when I change it.
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On a well maintained (CLEAN) engine a high quality standard oil filter should be fine for that OCI. On a previously neglected engine, where the Mobil 1 is doing a lot of cleaning, I would spring for the higher capacity Fram Ultra, Wix Platinum, Mobil 1 etc...filter.
I like the Fram ultras. Only about $9 Dual synthetic filter media's Each media is re-enforced by a metal screen. Rated for 15k miles Silicone anti drain back 99% filtration at 20 microns. Say what you want about Fram but this is a top shelf filter. Fram's known for cheap filters since 90% of people and company's go for cheapest. For the 10% that don't the made the ultra smile
A mid tier filter like a Fram Tough Guard, Wix or Napa Gold would be a good choice for runs of that length IMO.
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