PYB sn worth switching for?

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Jul 8, 2009
Lacombe ab Canada
I have been running our 05 civic 1.7 L on gtx for a year or two. Stocked up when it was 10.88 a 4.4 L jug. This car is a short trip maybe 10 km a day . Some longer trips 40 km plus other days. PYB sn looks to have more moly and boron compared to my GTX sm. Would those alone make the PYB a better choice?
I have not seen any conventional oil that can beat the additive pack in PYB. If I were going to run conventional oil, PYB would be my choice.
PYB definitely looks like a better oil on paper than GTX. and they are usually priced about the same. so yes, i would go with PYB.
PYB is a pretty freaking good deal when it goes on sale both at Walmart and Canadian Tire here. If you are finished with your stock of GTX I would just begin picking up PYB when on sale. 5L jug usually between 13-15 bucks on sale. I'm still stocked up on boxing week deal from 2 years ago of PYB, bought 2 boxes (8x4.4L) but its the SM stuff. I believe it was 9.88 a jug or something like that.
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I ran the gtx sm 6 months/8000 km and use a wix filter. I live in Canada i follow the severe schedule . Also have some VWB in the stash. Stash is looking like a addiction lol but oil prices get high around here. Same gtx is $25 for 4.4L now. (from $10.88) Also change a few other vehicles oils,could make the switch to Pyb when it goes on sale. Even then it is never $10.88 for 4.4L . Cheapest Pyb price was $14.99 for 5L.
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x3 on PYB. The SN formula looks good on paper and the UOAs i've seen have been excellent. It truly is a topnotch Dino oil. Seek out discounts (Kmart might be having clearance sales soon once stores start closing, so you'll have an opportunity to stock up while it's cheap.)
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x3 on PYB. The SN formula looks good on paper and the UOAs i've seen have been excellent. It truly is a topnotch Dino oil. Seek out discounts (Kmart might be having clearance sales soon once stores start closing, so you'll have an opportunity to stock up while it's cheap.)
We haven't had a Kmart store here in ages. All been replaced by Zellers/HBC or Walmart.
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I would use up the GTX you have now before considering switching.
x2. Burn up the GTX and then by all means get some PYB.
I have 3 gtx changes left and 2 valvoline. 5w20.If I catch a sale on Pyb I will stock up again. Got roughly 19 oil changes worth of different oil all together . Mostly in 5w30 .
IMO....PYB looks great on paper with it's stout add pack and Group II+ or Group III base oil. However, I wonder what is in GTX that gives great UOA's? We don't seem to know much about the base oils used in Castrol GTX? But don't forget.....Castrol GTX is the 1st choice for those who run high compression engines under a lot of stress. Castrol GTX has a loyal following and a lot of new believers in their oils! So, IMO.... there is more to this quality oil than meets the eye....on paper VOA's. would be a toss up....PYB or Castrol GTX with Tri-Shield.....price would be the determining factor in making a selection between these two oils.
For years I knew of people using gtx with trubo cars and v8s that were drivin very hard. Also some people I know use gtx for 1 year intervals with no negative effects. 30 + years of that interval. This is also in Canada winters ect. On paper the Pyb sn looks way better though. I still think "if it ain't broke,don't fix it". Hard to go out and spend more on another oil when I have a stash and or switch when gtx works fine for the masses .
PYB sn is very impressive, it's the only conventional I would run, if I didn't run syn in everything. It's got the sweet spot of moly too, 250 is perfect. Oddly enough I have a stock of PYB anyways, just too awesome an oil for an oil addict like me. Run it in friends cars but I wouldn't hesitate to run it even in my precious Speed 3. In fact I just may anyhow. What an awesomely balanced add pack! Not sure I can resist it. laugh
When I stashed a bunch of gtx it was before the sn Pyb.Both sm oils were ok looking. Looking at voa . Formula shell,Quaker state green bottle both look better than gtx now. Only switched from the green bottle QS when a member here said no way it would go 8000 km safely in Canadian winters in any vehicle,4cy or other.QS was a bottom line barley 3000 km / 3 month oil. Same as a former co worker that sold oil for a living. Gtx was better . First I figured I would spend the extra money and switch. Watch cosco for sales. Then I got thinking of a moly additive instead. Why would companies not use boron and moly? Just to save money? Do both these make a oil better than the oils that don't have them? Zinc alone replace the need for those? I rember when "ignorance is bliss" lol. Now I want the better things for my vehicle even though they are 4cyl Hondas that can run on the bare minimum lol.
Whoever said that QSGB is only good for 8,000 km is making a very blanket statement. There are plenty of conditions where conventional oil, including QSGB, can go for longer than 8,000 km. As for GTX, I haven't used it too often lately, but it sure is on sale often at our Walmarts.
Cxserver, I agree with the others. Use up the GTX(a good oil itself) and buy the PYB on sale when possible. But, don't overlook any of the other name brand oils when they're on sale too! Compare oils in your particular vehicle to see what "you" like from a "seat of the pants' feel/sound. I have used so many brands of oil that I almost can't tell you what I liked best. I guess this says something, doesn't it? I do like oils that help to keep the engine(s) quieter and I often relate this quietness to "quality"! Castrol always seemed to keep my engines a bit quieter than most other oils and I never noticed anything special about the PYB from a "seat of the pants" feel/sound but, I used it aplenty! I buy oils on sale w/rebate, discontinued or closeout etc. Discontinued/closeout doesn't always mean the oil is out of date or the spec is changing(although it sometimes does), sometimes it means that a particular store that I frequent is making room for something else and has it on sale to move it more quickly. A really good sale smile I am quite fond of the PEAK oil w/filter(FAR) that I had used recently. 30 qts and 6 filters. I used it mostly in my daughters car and did notice the quietness/smoothness of the PEAK compared to many other oils. And the PEAK did fine on 5K mile OCI's. Seems as though it could have gone further. The PEAK has a good "seat of the pants" feel/sound about it. Right now, I have a boat load of both HavDS and QSGB and I'll be mixing in 2 qts of PP or QSTP with 3 qts of either of those dino's. One thing that I have notices over the years since discovering BITOG. Just from a "seat of the pant" standpoint...I don't really like synthetics. They make all of my engines more audible and I feel more vibrations. But, one can't argue their success!
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use either one with confidence. GTX is an awesome oil, for I ran it in my 01 dakota exclusively for 138k miles w/ absolutely no problems. Just follow proper OCI and it will serve you well.
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