Purolator engine oil filters ???

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Jan 13, 2014
Queensland Australia
Until now I have run the Pure One filter #PL14459.
Claimed efficiency is 99.9%.
An anti drain valve is incorportaed.
I do not know the bypass valve pressure setting.

Purolator advised this as suitable filter for my Mitsubishi V6,3000cc, DOHV, 24 valve, petrol injected, NA engine.

I now find that my enquiries as to a suitable Purolator filter for my 1991 GM Holden, V6, 3.8L, Buick engined petrol injected vehicle go unanswered.
Seems strange for an organisation that I would expect would welcome new users.
BTW this vehicle is a GM product assembled & sold in Australia, so maybe a little confusion might be expected.

Is this apparent cavalier attitude normal for Purolator?
Is the Pure One filter design one that has suffered media tears or put more simply is there a better filter?
Finally they claim filtration down to one micron which seems an extraordinary claim, is this in fact better than most other filters?
Visit the oil filter section. You will find ample examples of current issues with Puro. I would still use, other's on here would not.
I used to use them but wouldnt chance it. Fram TG 99%,i doubt the .9% is relevant. Plenty of other good filters to consider.
Use a FRAM Ultra or WIX ... two favorites of many members now.
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