Progressive Insurance Snapshot Device

Aug 16, 2019
I switched to Progressive a while back. I hoped to save money with the Snapshot device but I will not. They said "most people will save money" which I find hard to believe. No accidents in 30 years, 1 speeding ticket in the last 15 years for going 43 in a 30 zone. So I opted out of it and will see a $22 rate increase over 6 months.
But it doesn't seem fair to me. I'm 69, don't drink, don't talk on a cell phone, don't smoke, I spoil my car rotten and everything on it works, everything. I don't tailgate, I drive defensively and my car is in the garage most days about 5 PM for the day. I drive a 9 year old Prius C. And Snapshot gives my driving a C- rating. It claimed I had 7 hard brakings one day I took a 90 mile ride to a new place. I can't even recall braking hard one time that day. Evidently, some people drive like a robot for 6 weeks until the test period is over, and then they save on their car insurance for as long as they own that car but that doesn't sound like something I'd want to bother with.
So my 6-month premium will now be $257 for 6 months. I guess that's not too bad but it seems steep compared to the rates I paid in the 80s and 90s.
Yeah, I did the Snapshot device a couple years back and found it to be a BS thing that logs hard brake events without knowing the real context.

In my commute, I go through a couple of speed trap towns that have short cycle timed stop lights and half the time forces you to jam on the brakes and record a hard stop event. Also does not account for the idiots that cross into your lane without notice forcing another event.

Would not even consider it for my wife that although she has a good long term clean record also, drives from stop light to stop light like it is a drag race event for her normal driving.

I also have a long term clean driving record. Kept Progressive for a couple more renewals and then moved since they do not really seem to appreciate good drivers.
$257 for one vehicle? Do you live in an expensive insurance area?

I have Progressive and pay $400 for the Prius, Hyundai, and Subaru in my signature and that's with $250 deductibles, $0 glass deductible, $500k single limit liability/250k uninsured motorist/$2 million umbrella. Wife has an 18 over ticket from ~4 years ago, I have a 15 over from ~five years ago. No accidents.
drunk came down the highway & veered into me as I came to a stop on my shoulder.
Progressive put points on my license. The drunk side-swiped two other cars before he stuffed his Ford Escort wagon into my Mom's full size LTD.
Do not trust them (Progressive) as far as you can toss'em.
Mr_Luke, I’m not sure what city you live in but that seems high for an older car and a 69 year old driver. I’d shop around if I were you.
Regressive Insurance :poop:
That's what I thought, but in 2016 when I had State Farm and my Camry was totaled by a Progressive driver, they paid up fast and easy and gave me $3,450 for it! (I had paid $2,100 for the car 6 months prior). Plus I didn't even ask, they paid me a small settlement so I wouldn't sue them (I wasn't injured, so no worries there).
Mr_Luke, I’m not sure what city you live in but that seems high for an older car and a 69 year old driver. I’d shop around if I were you.

I will. I just came from Say Insurance and Progressive seemed to save me about $90 a year.
Before that, I was with State Farm IIRR.
Find yourself a good independent insurance agent or agents that represent a wide array of companies.
See if you can do better.
That is what I did for over 20 years now.
I asked them to shop every time before renewal.
Insurance co. have the habit of increasing the premium as you stay with them longer.
Similar to Phone, Cable, etc. No incentive for existing customer.
F any kind of monitoring device like that. (Though sooner or later we will forced upon us all along with some kind of per mile fee/tax... but I digress)

Suggest you find a real insurance agent with a brick and mortar office. Not [x].com even if the name on the building is the same as [x].com, they are not the same.
I don't want a recording device on my car. The other guys lawyers will use it against you in a accident no matter if it's your fault or not. "Sir you were doing 32 in 30 MPH zone so it's your fault." No Thank You.
I learned not to long ago to shop for insurance yearly. I was with Geico before, paying around $350/month for one car, switched to Progressive and went down to ~$170/month. Last year Progressive raised my monthly to ~$230 and I switched back to Geico for $130/month with a lower deductible and higher limits (would have been $93/month with the same limits.)
I thought $257/6mths was decent. A boring Toyota and a boring Subaru and we pay about that per car. Other companies were doggone near double that when I checked. How are people finding full coverage for under that LOL?