Probably over-serviced my beater today, no regrets :)

Probably like many on here, I actually enjoy changing the oil on my car, in this case a 2000 Mitsubishi Magna (Diamante) with a 6G74 engine.

It’s my daily beater which doesn’t look like much on the exterior but mechanically is A1. I bought it off an elderly gentleman a couple years back who owned it for 18yrs from near new and kept every receipt (including fuel) for everything spent on it.

It’s never missed a logbook service, and I’ve made it a bit of a hobby to change the oil more often than probably necessary and generally continue on with his maintenance regime, and so far it has never given me a day of trouble.

So today I Started off by dumping a can of Nulon Pro engine flush into it , running it for half an hour and then sucking the oil pan dry through the dipstick tube with this neat little pump off I got off eBay. Thought it might not get it all out so pulled the plug and not a single drop fell out :)

Replaced drain plug with a fumoto drain valve, which I’ll apparently not need now as the pump worked so well, and put on a new Ryco Z456, and filled it up with some Penrite 10w-40, ran it for another half hour to flush the remainder of the crud out from the Nulon flush..which happily I didn’t see, the oil drained the same colour it went in.

Drained that with the pump, changed the filter again to a Ryco Syntec Z411ST (this is probably the equivalent of a Fram Ultra, they don’t make a syntec version of the Z456, but this fits just as well, just a tad shorter), and then filled it again with Penrite HPR 10w-50..along with a can of Nulon Pro Engine treatment.

The car has done 275000km (170000m) and gets its oil changed every 5000km (3000m)/6mths. I know I overservice it and the oil I use could probably gotwice the distance. Today’s oil change cost me around $100US but I honestly don’t care.

I have my garage queen car and I just like doing more than I probably have to for the beater to keep going. Probably a false economy, but as I said I enjoy it. I’m sure at least a few here might understand. Anyhow, that was my afternoon, hope you all have a great day!
Servicing your vehicles at leisure is great therapy, at least for me.