PowerSonic Motorcycle Batteries

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May 10, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I need to replace the battery on my BMW and was about to buy a 16CL-B from Walmart

I checked Amazon and found this

The $40 price cannot be beat and, since UPS Battery Center is a Toronto company, I am going to check on Monday to see if it can be picked up and thus avoid shipping fees.

PowerSonic is a California based company

The battery seems Chinese made though. What was really surprising to me is that the battery is an AGM. I thought AGMs typically cost twice as much as flooded lead acids.

Any opinions on PowerSonic batteries?
I bought a motorcycle that had a PowerSonic battery in it, which had been installed by a Honda/Yamaha dealer (the receipt came with the bike).

It was installed on 7/15/2011, and it started cranking slow a few days before it completely failed on 8/9/2012, when a cell shorted out.

I was hoping that the battery would last a lot longer than that, but it didn't...
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how much trouble is it to warranty it if it fails under warranty vs taking one back to wm or azone?

I plan on buying directly from the local dealer, UPS Battery Center and not through Amazon, so hopefully warranty return will not be an issue.
wonder how these would work as a tractor battery.

of course my tractor has room for a full size battery so I'll probably just get a AAP silver.
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Motorcycle batteries are overpriced. A lawn/garden tractor battery is bigger and has higher capacity and is usually about half the price of an equal quality motorcycle battery

As far as value-for-money goes, nothing beats a size 31 truck battery. You get 80 to 100 amp-hr capacity for the same price as a 20 amp-hr motorcycle battery.

If Rand's tractor can take a size 31 battery, then just get one from a truck parts dealer.
I guess my point was this... at that price level, it'll probably be a cr.p-shoot. You may get a good one, you may not. The one that I got barely lasted a year.

For example, I just got home from a 1700 mile trip on the motorcycle. I prefer my bike to start when I want it to. That's why I'm done with batteries from China.
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