Potentially neglected Toyota 1NR-FE -- 0w20? Motul 8100 Eco-Lite?

Nov 21, 2022
@sphinxgr I have done 2200 km since the cleaning with Xado Anticarbon and the consumed oil is 1.1 L, which means that the consumption did drop from 0.6 to 0.5 L/1000 km. I could not see the change until now, because it is only an improvement of about 17%. It is not much, but it is better than before, so I might use it again in the future. Thank you again for the recommendation!
Try again in the future to clean it again. Be careful with the engine temperature. It has to be low – cold. A lot of people tried it in the past at 1NR FE and had a lot of difference and not only 15%.
My vehicle dropped from 7,5l per 5000km, to 600ml per 5000km.