Portable Jump-Starters: Which one to buy?

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Jan 28, 2005
Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.
I wanted to buy one of those portable jump-starters for my cars. Different companies make them with different features and amp ratings. Which is the best and what amp rating should I get? Thanks in advance!
What are you driving and how cold does it get in Maryland? I've got a 900 amp booster and my brother has a 600 amp booster and both work well on our 1.6l VW diesels. I used my 900 amp on a Pontiac 6000 when it was -30C and it took a lot of cranking to get it going but it started! Sometimes the 900 amp isn't enough to get the diesel going but that is the fault of the fuel in my opinion. Steve
I'm also looking for one. I read that as a general rule, 400 amps are enough for a 4-cyl., 450-550 enough for a 6-cyl., and for a 8-cyl., it should be about 800 amps. The ones they sell in stores go rarely above 600 amps. Online would be the best way to get a 800-900 amp booster, I think. I'll probably go with a one with an air compressor; pretty handy, I think: http://www.brilliantstore.com/jump_starter_amico_nfq2020a.htm or this: http://www.brilliantstore.com/jump_starter_amico_nfq202124.htm
Don't forget to bring your "00" welding cable (with the 900 amp clamps) jumber cables. When it is -40F nothing is better. [Burnout]
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