Personal review of Gyeon Leather Coat and Preserve

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Mar 4, 2017
The weather has not helped much but it did some quick detailing inside the new vehicle with the two aforementioned products. Gyeon is a top manufacturer of coatings and other SIO2 products. LeatherCoat was applied to all leather and leatherette finish’s. This puts a protective coating on leather without adding gloss. The trick is to use sparingly as with most Gyeon products. I sprayed LeatherCoat on a microfiber applicator and then applied lto the seats. I sprayed it on a microfiber towel. This reduces waste and streaking. It went on super easy. Time will tell him if the product has any adverse effects on the products. The look is fine. Preserve spray can be used on all plastic surfaces on the exterior. The main product was used to clean bath. UVA and uvb rays can destroy plastic trims. This gyeon product will stop that. It can be used on interior trim as well.
When I first saw your thread I thought you had gone out and bought a $1000 dollar plus leather band was giving your review of the jacket smile Don't know but that is what came to mind when I first saw it. Anyhow, these products do sound good.
That was supposed to be a leather coat I thought you had purchased and gave a review of.
The name does come across as that. Calling it Leather Cote would be clearer but that might be a US thing. Gyeon is a S. Korean product.
It was tested yesterday as the rain started while driving around. Any water that fell on seats and door trim just rolled off. Nice to see that. Snow flurries this morning. I’m sure all the schools are on two hour delays since any snow falling freaks out Seattle people. I love it.
Not open for further replies.