Permatex RTV - snug bolts, wait an hour and torque?

Jan 2, 2004
I’m looking into RTV for the timing chain job that I’m doing soon. Me and @The Critic were going to play with using ThreeBond 1217H, the Nissan/Subaru/GM stuff for the oil areas of the timing cover and Permatex Optimum Grey(or Right Stuff Grey 90 minute) for the coolant side. Toyota in their infinite wisdom decided to incorporate the water pump volute chamber into the timing cover, sealed by RTV. Toyota calls for an esoteric $80 ThreeBond 1282B RTV for the coolant contact areas. Many Toyota techs and mechanics use their FIPG 103/1207B without issue with coolant.

Many factory service manuals call for applying the RTV bead and assemble with torque within 3-5 minutes. Permatex for the Ultra/Optimum and Right Stuff 90 minute lines day apply the RTV, assemble parts - but snug the fasteners and wait 1 hour before torque. The pressurized PowerBead and caulking gun versions of Right Stuff and Optimum don’t have such a requirement. Of course, no one is doing that - my experiences with Ultra Grey was the seal the corners on Japanese valve covers.

My concern is that the Nissan stuff will crack and split when it’s tightened down after the Permatex’s 1 hour initial set time. Do I just cinch all the fasteners down and give the engine 24 hours of cure time if I use the two RTV approach?
You're overthinking (by a bunch!) You won't crack the semi-hard stuff with final torque. Go "pretty hard" then "just a touch more" after curing.
Please tell me that 2016 Camry I-4s don't have this. I have used a single product for both applications. Permatex Aviation Formagasket #2. Comes in a tube. Available evrywhere. 15 minute skim time, then assemble. I don't expect it passes specs, but it will work :cool: