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Based on what Bob says above, that's even more reason not to look for a group 3 based synthetic, as it won't have any better additives than it's conventional oil cousins. I got a Castrol Syntec user quite angry with me this week when I told him that he was not getting any better protection than if he had used Castrol GTX, since they have the same additive package. He also wasn't happy with me when I pointed out that Havoline's dino oil shows better flash point and pour point numbers than his precious Syntec. This guy thinks Syntec is the best oil on the market, but he has no clue.
Bob: I agree 100%. Without a good additive package, you have junk.

Patman: Was not comparing Group III to Schaeffers. Just comparing our Group III to Valvoline Group III as requested.

VaderSS: Okay, make it $1.00
Patman: I can tell that you are not in marketing, so you can tell someone whatever you want about their Castrol Syntec or any other product. But if he or she is using Castrol Syntec and thinks it's great, don't tell them it's not better that GTX. You can tell them you know of a better synthetic or explain the difference between Group III and PAO, but never compare it to a lesser product (in their mind). I'm just saying this as a marketer of oil products. This would be a bad sales move if I or any other oil salesman made this move. Hey, but keep on preaching it brother, I love reading your post.
sprintman: We no longer make the Performax product, so there will be no spec sheet on the website. Email me your mailing address and I will see if I can find a copy to mail you.

Did I read it right that there is a Pennzoil product with a volatility rate of only 4.4%?

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con carne: That is correct. That's what is was 6 weeks ago when I checked on it. This would be the Pennzoil 10W30 synthetic (Group III) product. I did not ask about the rest of the product line.
Holy smokes Johnny! That's lower than a PAO 10W30. What method are they using to determine this? Can you post some documentation showing this?

Unfortunately confirmed with Pennzoil Oz that Performax 100 was only imported in 5W50 here but there's plenty of stock everywhere. They had no idea it was any good but then didn't understand Group III or Group IV etc so I cut the conversation real quick. Still Mobil Oz never heard of SuperSyn and I had to email them the M1 SS URL, and Valvoline were worse, swore there was no such thing as MaxLife! You guys have it soooo good.

The reason I wasn't getting up to date info on the Pennzoil syn oil is because at the data sheet isn't updated there, but it is updated at the Pennzoil-Quaker state site

What good is having different chain stores when they all sell the same junk?
The only data sheet that I have at this time is the one that is posted on the website. I'm in marketing and that is the only one that is in print for general use. I will be meeting with the our National Technical Director this Thursday at the EAA Air Show and I will talk to him about this.
Our Long Life 15W40 is an excellent diesel and multi-fleet oil. The current version has the API SL and CI-4 rating. I would recommend it over the 10W40. Go to this website and look under products car & truck, click on motor oil and on the bottome right hand side there is a box with the pdf spec sheets, click on Long Life Multigrade 15W40. Pennzoil Home Page

How old is your van and how many miles does it have on it?

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its a 1990 high top custom van it has 110000 miles on it and the oil was changed every 12000 miles before i got it so i want to try and put the best oil i can in without it costing me a fortune
I felt the need to resurrect this long-lost thread given the nature (and quantity) of Pennzoil questions lately, especially the inclusion of moly (80PPM!!
) in their most recent formulas.

Johnny, I think you already answered my ZDDP question in another post. It was something like 1.2% if my memory serves.

But, how much moly is in their high mileage formula. I believe you said only a little. 50PPM? 80PPM? More?

I'm also even MORE interested in the 15W40 formulas in light of the moly news. Will these have moly as well? If so, how much? Is the synthetic blend version of Long Life significantly better than the "normal" version?

--- Bror Jace

Originally posted by Bror Jace:

I'm also even MORE interested in the 15W40 formulas in light of the moly news. Will these have moly as well? If so, how much? Is the synthetic blend version of Long Life significantly better than the "normal" version?

--- Bror Jace

There is a virgin analysis of 15w40 Pennzoil Long Life on here and if memory serves me correctly it had 153ppm of moly in it! It was not even the blend version either.
Per the NOACK question Molakule taught me this there is a difference in measuring,and the ASTM D 5800 is a much tougher test and will show a higher number than mere voality which is percent of evaporation at 700 degrees-ASTM D 2887 ,,so when a data sheet on a simalar oil shows a almost double number the 5800 method has been used.

I think someone asked about The group III vs the group II. Other than for winter use I think the group II is the best value and honestly think the 10/40 is over looked VI improvers or not,it is a great oil for summer or hard work,if you don't agree,please don't tell my Daughters Cavalier that because I just changed at 6200 miles -6 months and yep,the Super Tech anti drain back valve still was working

After analysis I now know why Johnny thinks the additive package is better that the Motorcraft oil,it's because it is! I think imo it is the best OTC group II oil on the market for automobiles. Now I'm not talking HD oils with SL designation. For a catalyst car I like the new Phillips 15/40 with it's low sulphated ash"1.0" percent and 1300 parts per million zinc but I have quit that as well,the Delvac 1300 just kills my gas milaege in the 302,I have got better with 20/50 motor oil. We all have our opinions but for that Van above,I think it would be better served with a 20/50 or a 10/40 Pennzoil,just my opinion.
Will be interesting to see if Dutch Shell lets Pennzoil bring back the PAO oil they make for over seas. And or to continue that new style synthetic they have developed,EOP or something like that.
I personally would like to see the group III's name of synthetic reversed back to premium grade oil or something,some of my closest friends did not know about this and just imagine what the other non motor heads know,just what they are told,not the truth in labeling or TV commerials ect. I think it is one of the worst things to ever happen to the American Consumer imo and that someone should be held accountable for it,sure it went through court,still not right though
Bro: I believe the High Mileage oil is at 80 ppm and the Long Life 15W40 is at 153 ppm of moly. The synthetic blend is the same. Both Long Life products are very good, but I am not a big fan of the blend for the simple fact it is a mixture of Group II+ and Group III base stocks. No PAO.

dragboat: I could not agree with you more. I think the Group III base stocks are great base stocks, but let's call it what it is. I believe you will see us develope the EOA synthetic base stock before you will see us use PAO.
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