pennzoil question for johnny

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Jun 1, 2002
why does the pennzoil synthetic blend have higher pour and pump points than the straight pennzoil?

is the blend better for extended drains? say in the 5-6000 mile range?

or is it a wash?

just curious. i've used mobil1 for years. i broke in my current car on valvoline durablend, then put in mobil1 with supersyn, but i doubt i'm going to stick with it, so i'm reading all the spec sheets for the major brands.

tweeker43: Without giving away information that I should not, let me just say that I personally would not use our blend. Our regular oil (yellow bottle) PureBase - Group II+ will do 4k and 5k easy. If all you do is highway miles 6k will work.

I use our 10W30 in my company car (2000 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3.8L motor) and seldom change under 6k. But most of the miles are at 70 mph on the highway.

I'm sorry I cannot say more about our blend, but I don't like it.
Johny wrote:
"Without giving away information that I should not, let me just say that I personally would not use our blend."

"I'm sorry I cannot say more about our blend, but I don't like it."

Isn't that kind of defeating the point of not giving any details away?
ToryS: First let me say, welcome to the board.

I believe tweeker43 and everyone else on the board that knows me, understands completely what I am saying. But let me answer the three part question in a simple way.

1. I don't know.
2. No it's not.
3. It's a wash.

Now if you were the customer and ask me your question, I would tell you to look in your owners manual and use the weight oil it recommends. As for as brand, I would recommend Pennzoil with PurBase.
My original response to the your above post comes from the fact that i've had a several people say something negative about Penzoil. A couple of mechanics said something about a "wax base" that breaks down and doesn't protect anymore. Others would say not to use it because it causes excessive sludge build-up--"Don't use it, I've seen motors first hand after using Penzoil all their lives!" Now, NONE of these people knew as much as anyone i've seen post on this list, but not knowing anything more than rumors myself untill recently your post just struck me as hilarious. Sorry if it sounded offensive in some way.
No SL formulation oil will have excessive sludge buildup, that's one of the requirements for SL oils now. Things are much stricter now.
thanks johnny. i appreciate your honesty.

over the past umpteen years of driving i've used several brands of oil (including pennzoil) and never had a problem.

at some point i started believing the synthetic hype. after spending so much time on this board i'm starting to think it just doesn't matter. i don't think there is any point to continue putting $4+ oil in my car when i change at 5-6000 miles, so i'm doing my homework. i'm not sure that $2+ oil is that great of a deal either.

i will try to get an analysis of the m1 supersyn 5w-30 and post it here, but after that i'm going back to the old ways.

thanks again. you probably picked up a (returning) customer.
Johnny, you gonna start picking up customers here on my board, might want to start sending me money for the support of my site!

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tweeker43: Thanks.

ToryS: Sorry for the short answer. I've been selling oil for 20 years and I have never done it by blowing smoke up some ones skirt or using marketing hype. I just don't believe in it. I have alway felt if you represent a quality product, that's what you should sell on. PERIOD.

Sludge: Have I seen an engine sludge up using Pennzoil. Yes I have. I have also seen engines sludge up on Valvoline, Castrol, and even Mobil 1. 99 time out of 100, if you see a sludged engine you can blame it on the maintinance and driving habits of the owner.

Synthetic Blends: I am not a believer in synthetic blends. Maybe at one time when everyone was using Group 1 base stocks, some synthetic would help. But with the Group II and Group II+ base stocks, I think the 5% to 11% synthetic that goes into them is just good marketing hype. I realize you work in a parts store and do not sell this product, but if someone really wants to use a blend, tell them to find a Schaeffer's salesman. At least they use 25% PAO in their oil.

So, here are my recommendations for any consumer.

1. Regular quote "dino". Pennzoil with PureBase. I personally do not believe you will find one better.

2. Synthetic Blend. Schaeffer's.

3. Group III synthetic. Pennzoil.

4. Real synthetic (PAO). Mobil 1, Amsoil, Red Line.

The final choice is up to the consumer.

I'm very interested in the way you ranked your choices. Why Pennzoil syn over Mobil 1, Amsoil, and Redline? BTW, At the Pennzoil site on the tech sheet, something is missing. Flash point (I think)
sorry bob. if they sold schaeffers in the town where i live, i'd be right on it.

it's just that i look at my odometer and say "hey, it's saturday, i think i'll change my oil!" forethought and planning are out the window.

it's cool to have a place where people like you, johnny, and molakule hang out.

"Sorry Bob, I must have sent the check to the wrong address."

Now I know! I was expecting two test kits,not a check!
MikeMLS: I did not rank Pennzoil syn above the Mobil 1, Amsoil, or Red Line. What I was saying or ment to say was that would be my first choice between all of the Group III base stock synthetics. The Mobil 1, Amsoil, and Red Line are all PAO synthetics. What I call real synthetics. Completely different catagory as for as I'm concerned. We use to make a 100% synthetic called PERFORMAX. If we still did, I would recommend it above the others. It was a darn good oil. I'm sorry to say that our marketing department chose the way of Castrol.

You are correct about the flash point being left off of the spec sheets, and it bothers me. I have not gotten a good explanation as to why. The conventional oils are somewhere between 420F and 440F, and the Synthetic is somewhere between 430F and 450F. The High Mileage oils also fall within this range.
Thank you for the info Johnny! I guess that they haven't updated the syn spec sheet yet, looking at the date on the page. The Pennzoil multigrade page was updated this past March and is very informative with a lot of numbers. I just need to have an informative starting point to make a choice on an oil.

Have a great weekend!

I'm hoping you can help me out. I have a couple cases of the older Performax 100, 10W-30 synthetic oil, rated SG, SH, SJ. How does this compare to the newer Pennzoil products; and also newer competitve products like Mobil 1?

Haupuna Beach: You have the good stuff. It is SJ rated and I would put that up against any SJ rated PAO synthetic oil. This is/was a 100% PAO synthetic with a great additive package. It was used in NASCAR, IRL, CART, and NHRA racing. Before Eddie Hill retired, he used the 5W50 version of it in his top fuel dragster. I was very disappointed (pissed is a better word) when we stopped making this product and went the route of the Group III synthetics. We really had something special with this product. Marketing wins again.
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