Pennzoil Platinum BITOG approved?

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Aug 29, 2014
Littleton, CO
After hearing and seeing for years people avoiding Pennzoil products like the black plague, it's a shock to me to come on a reputable website like this and see people not only using, but supporting a Pennzoil product. My handle should cue you off as to where I work, and I have been a life long Castrol user. It's just really surprising to me to see this sort of thing on the forum. Am I out of date on this? Am I way off? Or is Pennzoil still up to it's old tricks?
You seem to be referring to some old wives' tale. We are way past that here on BITOG. I hope you did not come here with the sole purpose of stirring the pot around this.

Welcome to the forum. Have a pleasant stay.
You realize Castrol and sludge are guilty by association in parts of Canada? Just like Pennzoil and sludge is associated here in the U.S.
Sorry, I really had no intention of coming on here and stirring up a hornets nest. My query was completely genuine. I am a bit out of date on this stuff. Thank you for the answers.
Some people are able to speak about engine oil without the slightest bit of actual knowledge on the subject. It's because they know more than the oil companies and auto manufacturers combined and are willing to let you know how it all works.
Either are great. I would run any SOPUS product with confidence, and do in multiple vehicles. I found that when I was new here, I spent a LOT of time reading through UOA threads of Pennzoil, mostly because I thought it was only mediocre and wanted to learn a bunch about oil. Needless to say I learned a lot. Read through them like I did, you will become a man! lol.

Originally Posted By: jiffydarren
Am I out of date on this? Am I way off? Or is Pennzoil still up to it's old tricks?

welcome to the forum, but i have to ask. What old tricks? Pennzoil is very respected right alongside Mobil 1, Castrol , Valvoline etc.
Pennzoil has a couple of GTL products.
Welcome to BITOG.

Please feel free to stir the pot, join a witch hunt, kick a skunk, or gore a sacred cow.

Along the way, there is often a lot of good information imparted here.

So give it some time before you become closed minded.

But don't be bad mouthing Pennzoil.....
Welcome to BITOG!!

If you are looking to kick an ant hill or stir up a hornets nest may I recommend any topic that begins with OCOD, MMO, ZMAX, etc.

In all seriousness, anything made by SOPUS is top notch. Whether it is the "best" oil may be up for discussion, but no one should argue the point that it isn't a darn fine oil!
I'm beyond brand loyalty anymore. I'm loyal to my wallet. Therefore I look closely at the price,and what specs the product meets and has approvals for.

When Porsche says that using any oil that has their approval stamp will provide the same levels of protection,and they aren't pushing a brand,that in itself says a lot.
So let the list of actual certifications be your guide.
And of course price.
How cool is it to have a Jiffylube employee on this forum?

OP, ignore the negativity. Most here are jealous that you get to use Pennzoil products all day every day.

And with that I will
We are all self-loathing and therefore use Pennzoil products. Welcome to the asylum!
Depends on the franchise... Some have choices, mine doesn't.... Some franchises pump Conoco. Just depends on how spendy the franchise wants to be.
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