Pennzoil LL Ow30 Blend MSDS

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Jan 23, 2003
ON, Canada
I think that I am going to try this Pennzoil LL OW30 HD blend motor oil for my next interval. It seems this oil should do well with the cold winters here, having a pour point of -51*C (-60*F), and 17,847 CP at -40*C or *F. I was reading the MSDS for this oil and I would like some help understanding it. It states that the oil has 25-35% lubricating base oils, and 45-55% synthetic base oils. Does this mean that the majority of the base oil is synthetic? I always thought that most blends had a fairly small percentage of the base being synthetic? Is this unique? Would the synthetic base oils be group III? This blend has a lower pour point than all of Pennzoil's group III "synthetic" oils. I am assuming this oil has a similar additive package to the 15W40 LL (there's a UOA on this site for it), although the TBN for the 0W30 is lower (9 vs 12). What kind of intevals would be safe with this oil? Would it stand up to shearing due to the partially synthetic base? The data sheet states that this oil has a viscosity of 11.8 CST at 100*C, which is about the same as the Pennzoil LL 10W30 (11.7 CST). Would it be okay to run this oil year round or would it be better to run heavier oil in the warmer months? MSDS: 0W30 LL Data Sheet: OW30 LL Data Sheet: all other LL oils
The data sheet itself (not the MSDS) tells you what the synthetic base oil is: PAO. The rest is probably Group II+. ANY 0wXX oil is going to have a significant amount (more than 50%) of PAO or esters (or both) in order to be a 0wXX oil. (And before somebody gets all hot and bothered and starts yelling "PetroCanada!", I'll say upfront that I'm not convinced that PC's 0w30 oil is ALL Group III. Why? PC doesn't make a wax isomerate Group III, and that's the only Group III you could even come close to making a 0wXX oil with.)
G-Man II, thanks for the response, all the information provided was very helpful. I guess I should have read the entire data sheet so I could answer my own question on the type of synthetic base stock. Well as long as I can find this oil locally, I am definitely going to try it on my nest invterval. It seems to me that this would be a really good oil. It has a mostly PAO basestock, the dino basestock is Pennzoil's excellent purebase, and it has the additive package of a HD fleet oil. All this and it's at cost of blend oils. Sounds to me like this oil is an excellent bargin. Does anyone have any idea how well this oil should hold up? Any recommendations on what a safe interval would be for this oil. I am not looking to push the oil to the absolute limit or paying for UOA.
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