Peeling Clearcoat

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Jan 6, 2006
Up here
I purchased a 1998 Civic with 165000 km on it as a third car for the kids for summer jobs. I have done the belts, changed all of the fluids and am currently doing some rustproofing prior to getting it saftied. I think it will look pretty good when it is done except for a section of the hood above the drivers door where the clear coat is peeling off. This runs for about three feet almost to the rear windshield. I was told by a friend to wet sand (feather) the edges using 1000 sandpaper as best as I can then to spray on clearcoat. He said that this will usually last a couple of years but that the only permanent fix is to sand the whole section down to metal and repaint. I don't want to spend the money to do this on a 10 year old car. Does anyone have any other tricks or suggestions that has worked for them? Thanks.
I feel your pain.......... My 98 Taurus has two little sections that have the clear coat peeling. I was kind of thinking about feathering it as well. I need to replace the front struts because the bearings are squawking. Other than that it is running good. Suggestions are appreciated for me as well........?
I know a few people who have done the sand-spray-buff out routine with Ok results. Your friend is exactly right. Keep in mind the clearcoat is compromised and the problem will continue. But for an easy DIY fix your idea should work.
That will work fine. You'll see it, but it won't look as bad as it does peeled. Just make sure you do not sand the base coat excessively. Just enough to scuff it or else you will sand right through it. (Base coat is thin and just to provide the color, clear coat to provide the protection and "shine"). Alex.
If it is original paint, you might be able to find another original paint hood in a salvage yard. If you're lucky, the fading would be similar. Thats a stretch, but its the only other alternative I can think of.
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