pc power button not lit up

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Feb 11, 2010
Memphis, TN
My pc power button is black and won't light up.
I noticed a lot of dust in the air "vents" and cleaned this up.
When I press the power button, the fans to the MOBO, power supply and case start.
There is a green light on the back of the power supply that is on.
But the power on button is black.

I am using another pc at the moment, as I was unable to bring a screen up on power up. The monitor would power up, though.

What could be the problem.....What other info do you guys need to help me sort this up?

you dont give us any information on your pc.

thats like saying

"my car wont start" please help me fix my car

a make and model of computer etc would be nice at a min.
With all that dust, I'd actually open the case up, blow the dust out, because it needs it badly.

Depending on the computer, is the video adapter seperate from the motherboard? If it is, then pull the card out and clean the dust out of the slot.
If it is, then I'd look at the cables to the hard drive, pull them out and reinsert them to reestablish a clean connection.

Dust isn't your friend.
i tried a different power supply from another pc, and still the same situation : power button not "ON", fans on....

the other symptoms:
the keyboard does not respond
the monitor "wakes up" but goes to sleep....before it does I see something on the screen saying not receiving signal???
hp p7-1026

thanks for the replies...will look into the video adapter situation if applicanle.
yes it is.
It actually happened while the computer was on/idle.
I went back to it and it would not respond, so I pressed the power button to switch it off. When I tried to start the PC...the symptoms I described happened.

did something get fried or just conked up....what could it be.

in response to EricF...I did reattach the cables to the HD when switching the power supply...have not yet looked into the video adapter thing.
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Even though the monitor will power on, I would still try testing the monitor with a different computer that you know works.

Or, try testing the hp p7-1026 computer on a known working monitor if you have one available.

It looks like the hp p7-1026 probably has an onboard video chip on the motherboard. If possible, it wouldn't hurt to try a new/different video card if you are able to temporarily use one from another pc.
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